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Title: Dover Crimean Institute, 1861
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Kentish Gazette - Tuesday 26 March 1861

DOVER CRIMEAN INSTITUTE.—The grand military concert given on Tuesday in the Wellington Hall the splendid band of the 47th Regiment, in aid of the Crimean Institute and Soldiers' Reading Room, was as complete a success as its most ardent well wishers could have expected, if not desired. The spacious room was filled in every part, and the numbers who went there for the purpose of hearing a first-class musical entertainment were not disappointed, while those who stayed away allowed a golden opportunity to pass by. It needless for us to say one word in eulogy of the proficiency and talent displayed this band, under the skilful direction of Mr. R. Wallace: those who have heard its strains in our streets or on our marine walks are fully acquainted with its merits. We will only remark that on Tuesday night it eclipsed all its former efforts in the presence of a Dover public. Some sterling productions from foreign composers were comprised in the programme, and the masterly manner in which they were rendered drew forth repeated applause from the enraptured audience. The entertainment was pleasantly relieved by the excellent singing of Miss L. Jarrett and Mr. E. Spain, both of whom were encored.