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Title: Naval Hospital, Deal
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Report of 1858

Naval Hospital, Deal.

This building was lent by the Admiralty to the War department, for the purpose of a Barrack, in November 1857.  As the building is in temporary occupation, it is only necessary to state generally that it is overcrowded with men, that the wards or rooms are not ventilated, that there is no sewerage, and that it is not supplied with water from the town works, but from a well in the yard, at no great distance from most offensive privies and cesspits.  Here are good baths in it, which the men are not allowed to use.  The men should be allowed to use these baths.
The privies alluded to are very objectionable.  They empty into a cesspit, and the opening through which the cesspit is cleared, is only covered by an ill fitting wooden top.
Additional ventilation, both by a shaft from the cesspit, and by shafts and inlets for ait in the privy, would improve them; but to be made satisfactory, they require thorough reconstruction, and sewerage works similar to those recommended for the Barracks.
The water supply is pumped up by manual labour.  It would be very desirable that water should be obtained from the water company which supplies the town, as the cesspools are not very far removed from the well.
The guard room is dark and unventilated.
If this building is to be used for any length of time, it will be necessary to improve the sewerage, to convert the privies into water latrines, to ventilate the rooms by shafts and inlets, as already recommended for the other Barracks, to reduce the number of men, so as to give 600 cubic feet per man, and to obtain a proper water supply.