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Title: Deal Memorial Bandstand
Post by: busyglen on May 07, 2013, 11:26:50
Deal Bandstand

This was taken in 2008 and it was raining hence the poor picture.

You can just see one of the plaques on the brickwork on the right-hand side with the name of the Royal Marine who died in the bombing.

We try to go every year that they have a concert here in memoriam.
Title: Re: Deal Memorial Bandstand
Post by: Leofwine on May 09, 2013, 16:28:18
Info taken from http://www.eastkent.freeuk.com/deal/marines/bandstand.htm

At 8.20 am on the morning of Friday 22nd September 1989, just as the band were finishing their morning practice, an IRA bomb exploded in the North Barracks, killing eleven young bandsmen and wounding several others.  The explosion was heard across the town, followed by a hushed silence, then the wailing of sirens as the emergency services went into action.

The people of the town reacted instantly; on Saturday morning, hundreds queued for up to four hours in the hot sun outside the Drill Hall to donate blood for the injured.

The memorial bandstand, opened on 2nd May 1993, was erected, by public subscription, on Walmer Green, in front of the Royal Marines Association club in the Strand.  The names of the 11 bandsmen killed by the IRA bomb  are recorded on plaques the faces of the bandstand

I suspect this makes it one of the newest bandstands in the country.

There is more information about its history here: http://www.walmerweb.co.uk/album-contribs/memorialbandstand.pdf