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Title: Tunnel behind the Naval Barracks Chatham, under Khyber Pass.
Post by: lutonman1 on October 05, 2017, 22:38:15
I was a telegram boy age 14, when I delivered telegrams to the Fleet Mail Office, in the Dockyard.
The naval writer said ` not this one, the Commander is in the tunnel `. I asked him `where` that was,
and he directed me to the Naval Barracks. Asking again, I was shown the entrance behind one of the blocks on the main road. I entered this well lit tunnel, found the Commander, `no answer` he said, then I came out. I don`t remember any passage ways off the main tunnel, but there could have been.
This was in 1941. The commander did not `tip` me.  Usually three pence or sixpence.