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Title: Lieutenant Henry Conyngham Coxen, Temeraire, Trafalgar
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Lieutenant Henry Conyngham Coxen was onboard HMS Temeraire during the Battle of Trafalgar.
He was one of the first men to join Eliab Harvey on the Temeraire. 'Entry' and 'Appearance' being 14th November 1803 and his number was SB 22.

Henry Conyngham Coxen was baptised at St Lawrence in Thanet, Kent on 7th April 1771. He was the son of Ebenezer and Ann, and the brother of Nicolas Coxen.
The part that I need help with is this. It appears that his nephew (son of Nicolas), was baptised Henry Holimans Coxen, at St Lawrence in Thanet on 21 April 1797. At some point it looks like he changed his name to Henry Conygham Coxen. This name can be found on the ARMY lists.

The naval Henry Conyngham Coxen became a Commander in 1809 and by the time of his death in 1836 was made a Captain. He died at Mallow, county Cork, but his home was in Camberwell.

The army Henry Conyngham Coxen was an Ensign on 16 November 1815.  He married Eliza Ann Adams in May 1822, at St George Hanover Square. They had two sons, Henry William (1823) and Charles (1824) who appear to have both moved to Australia. Henry C. then died in 1825.

I found a marriage on 13 November 1830 at Newington St Mary between Henry Conyngham Coxen and Elizabeth Hollier. This would have to be the naval Henry, unless there was any more Henry Conyngham Coxens...!

Can anyone shed any light on the above?