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Title: Nelsons Navy - The ships, men and organisation - 1793 - 1815
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By Brian Lavery - one of the worlds leading naval historians.

This book was given to me by a fellow Forum member and was part of a collection owned by a now-deceased family member.

This book is the perfect guide to the internal workings of the Royal Navy during what many regard as it's golden age. Divided into 14 sections, it deals with the design and construction of warships, the Royal Navy's central and local administration, the training and organisation of seamen, officers and marines, the on-board administration of the ships themselves and the roles of every member of a ships crew and with how those men were organised in their daily lives at sea.

It describes a world alien to ours, where hard men lived in hard times, but nevertheless far removed from the popular depictions of cruelty, brutality and poverty and I heartily recommend it to any student of naval history.