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Title: KHF has too big a reputation!
Post by: kyn on April 27, 2018, 17:50:17

Long time no see!!

I took some time out to concentrate on other things but as always seems to happen I have come round full circle and need to look at ways to make the forum work better!

I think it is time for a spring clean and you may find boards may get moved around and changed during this.

I was recently asked to put on a display regarding a conference at Chatham Dockyard and have agreed, I thought it was do be regarding the Dockyard, but they have asked me to come and represent KHF and Sheppey Website! 

Can I ask you to suggest any topics that you feel should be brought to peoples attention?

Also, can I ask for one of two volunteers to accept or reject new members please.  It is an easy job and I will provide a step by step guide.  Spam accounts are highlighted red and yellow, normal people are normal colour so it is easy to just tick the box and select accept or reject.