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Title: Herne Bay Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD)
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Kent 90, Herne Bay, first came into being in 1913. On the outbreak of hostilities the Dence Trust kindly offered the use of Downs Park College at Herne Bay for the whole period of the war. The hospital was throughout equipped by friends in the neighbourhood.
The detachment was mobilised on October 14th and a week later some of the beds were occupied by wounded Belgians. Since then relays, totalling about sixty patients, have passed through the hospital.
All the work of the hospital is voluntary, and the kitchen staff under Mrs. Lloyd and Miss Grey is particularly efficient.

Commandant - Mrs. Openshaw.
Medical Officer - Dr. Fenculhet.
Lady Superintendent - Mrs. Cunnynghame.
Quartermaster - Mrs. Thurnham.

Members. - Mary Bass; Jessie Bawcomb; Violet Browne; Alice Rose Campbell; Phyllis Channing; Gwendolin Chapman; Lois Cremer; Edith Grey; Agnes Hunter; Elsie Iggulden; Madge Iggulden; Dorothy Lang Sims; Ethel Lloyd; Olive McDougall; Hilda Meyer; Mary Mills; Ursula Osmond; Evelyn Paterson; Ivy Smith; Mary Swinford; Mabel Wacher; Mary Whistler; Elsie White.

      From Kent's Care for the Wounded. Creswick, Pond and Ashton. Page 176. Published 1915.

Archives reveal history of Herne Bay Voluntary Aid Detachment during WW1. (
Title: Re: Herne Bay Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD)
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