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Title: Welcome to the Kent History Forum
Post by: kyn on May 14, 2008, 18:54:43
Welcome to the forum, this forum has been set up so people can share opinions, pictures and information about the history of Kent, as we are the closest county to Europe we have had an extensive history in this part of England and a lot is forgotten and deemed insignificant.  Help us remind locals and visitors of our history, all history is important, not just the big castles that are open to the public, there is so much to see out there, remains of WWII shelters, fortifications, old farms that have been around for hundreds of years or even old victorian coppers hidden away in sheds.  Come and join the discussions, make friends, learn something new, we are a friendly bunch   :)

Do take into consideration though that this is an information based forum and not an exploration forum.  Do not expect us to have the same opinions as exploration forums.