News: The modern name of Kent is derived from the Brythonic word kantos meaning "rim" or "border", or possibly from a homonymous word kanto "horn, hook"
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Local Families / Parsonage Vault, Cobham
« Last post by gillian on January 07, 2019, 15:30:38 »
The church of St Mary Magdalene in Cobham is probably familiar to anyone who has visited Cobham, as it's in a very prominent location alongside the Street, opposite The Leather Bottle. At first sight the graveyard is much like any other - a fascinating collection of headstones and memorials, some still in fairly good shape, others less so. One of those in less good shape is the unusual Parsonage Vault - neither headstone nor upright memorial but a pattern of tablets lying flat on the ground. This vault is the last resting place of 18 people, many of whom were noteworthy members of the local community and lived at some point in The Parsonage (also known as Parsonage House or Parsonage Farm), now, sadly, demolished. For many years the vault was invisible, concealed by overgrowth of brambles and ivy. But these have now been stripped away and the vault is clearly visible. The oldest burials are for Thomas Wells, died in 1836 and his wife Susanna (née Tiesdell) died 1840, the most recent is for Emma Jane Stevens died 1853, the last occupant of The Parsonage before it was demolished. Other surnames besides Wells and Stevens are English and Shearman. Perhaps some members of this forum have relatives buried in Cobham; perhaps they are descended from people buried in the Parsonage Vault. In that case, I've found you a good place for a little pilgrimage. If anyone would like to know the exact names etc of all the people buried there, do please let me know.   
General History / Re: Making of Kent 1976
« Last post by Mickleburgh on January 06, 2019, 14:53:08 »
It used to be an established fact that when and wherever we went on holiday, it rained. Summer `76 we returned to Kent and, fair enough, it did not rain - but it was the one and only week that year that was cloudy!
General History / Re: Making of Kent 1976
« Last post by johnham on January 06, 2019, 12:53:44 »
1st of June 1976 ...camping near Rosedale Abbey N.Yorks....It SNOWED ! Should have stayed in Kent.
General History / Re: Making of Kent 1976
« Last post by Beachbum on January 04, 2019, 20:07:55 »
That summer, I was working at Dover Eastern Docks. That enabled me to purchase a new Suzuki GT550 triple motorcycle.
The highlight of that summer was meeting my hero "Barry Sheene" and sitting on his race bikes. He was such a lovely guy and had the time to chat.

I also started to Marshal at Lydden Circuit race meetings. 43 years later, I am still a volunteer Marshal at Brands Hatch.

Also, memories of the 69 Motorcycle Club in Dover and meeting Father Bill. This was at The Old Endeavour Pub. At that time all the Ferry traffic passed by the Pub, so became a stopping point for many Bikers.
General History / Re: Making of Kent 1976
« Last post by lutonman1 on January 04, 2019, 15:10:10 »
For me, 1976, was indeed very, very hot, but on cycling home from work,
I had to Kill thousand`s of LADYBIRDS, littered all over the roads, pavements, & everywhere....
Life Writing / Re: My name is Alec. I'm a Kent lad.
« Last post by AlanH on January 02, 2019, 10:43:17 »
Hi Alec. Nice to read your story and I admit to being a bit late doing that. I wonder if the Mr Jones the Welsh sadist you mention from your school days was the same Peter Jones who was at St Margarets primary in  the street of the same name in Rochester back in the 1950s early 60s?
Hit me over the head once with the edge of a wooden foot rule for being sarcastic although I didn't know what that was then. Of course he wasn't the only one to chastise me over the years but that's another story. :)
General History / Re: Making of Kent 1976
« Last post by Roseann on January 01, 2019, 23:21:56 »
1976 I remember that year well I bought my first house ,my first car ,got married the beginning of that year and had my first child late that year ,remember the summer and the drought well.
General History / Re: Farnborough Kent Windmill ?
« Last post by Roseann on January 01, 2019, 23:11:54 »
I think kyn intended for the forum to be fully functional over the Christmas period as she talks about making new posts, but things seem to have gone a bit wrong...

For you and anyone else that doesn't know, I believe the forum was closed because it seems to have been hacked by one or more individuals who were changing posts and pictures, making nonsense of some of the threads. Your guess is as good as mine as to why anyone would want to do this.

I was told it was because dear Kyn has had a lot on her plate with her family being extremely poorly with one illness after another ,she works so hard to keep this going and needed to concentrate on her family and we understand they come first ,I hope she is ok ,it must be so hard trying to juggle things and we understand her family must come first bless her .
Life Writing / Re: My name is Alec. I'm a Kent lad.
« Last post by Roseann on January 01, 2019, 23:01:25 »
Alec enjoyed your memories of our local places ,I'm a Rochester Girl through and through have watched for years the changing places around me and sadly miss the good old haunts we used as children , I cant ever imagine what it must be like to live anywhere else and in fact when asked where I have been by a recent friend who had just come back from holidaying abroad I was only able to say the only Islands I had visited where the Isle of Grain and Isle of Sheppey to which they were amazed although it has never bothered me before but I hope to at least once leave these shores before my number is up. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay here.
Life Writing / Re: My name is Alec. I'm a Kent lad.
« Last post by Invicta Alec on January 01, 2019, 14:45:00 »

Thank you so much for this photo!

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