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Windmills / Re: Feather Mill, Chatham
« Last post by kms on Today at 00:18:15 »
I really haven't got the foggiest idea.  Feather Mill seems unique in the UK for a windmill being applied to this process (whatever the process might be!)

As for cabinet making, I guess using the mill as a saw mill might cover that, but its a strange concoction of Heath Robinson style processes going on in there which I doubt will ever be explained fully...
Windmills / Re: Feather Mill, Chatham
« Last post by smiffy on Yesterday at 23:58:10 »
I believe there is a way of pressing and/or drying feathers which reduces their weight and makes for easier transportation. Perhaps the Feather Mill had some connection with this process? I'm not sure why a cabinet maker would be involved in this industry though.
Windmills / Re: Feather Mill, Chatham
« Last post by kms on Yesterday at 21:09:01 »
Just in case anyone had any doubts that this was used for processing feathers (and don't ask me how that works!) I've found an advert for it, for 1830.  Feather 'production' seems to be one of a few tasks.
Work Vehicles / Re: Pilchers Coaches, Chatham
« Last post by smiffy on Yesterday at 20:43:49 »
I have an idea that the first photograph of the lorry (KN8854) was taken at Chatham Goods Depot, Blue Boar Lane.
Work Vehicles / Re: Pilchers Coaches, Chatham
« Last post by rfp on Yesterday at 19:35:22 »
Apologies to all, a correction is needed to the previous post. As I am sure regular followers of Kent History Forum will have noticed, but politely did not point out, the pictures date from the twenties and not the thirties.  The date of purchase of KN8854 was possibly 1919 or 1920 not 1934, the date given in the Malcolm John book. The date was flagged as being rather tentative which should have been the trigger to further research.
I've found some great footage of Trolleybuses on Youtube:

On the second video it is captioned MAIDSTONE DISTRICT BUS MEMORIES, but I can't quite place where most of this is filmed. The destination sign on the front of the buses is too blurred to read.
Windmills / Re: Wind Oil Mill - Gillingham
« Last post by conan on May 28, 2017, 23:06:12 »
Reading about these mills catching fire I was minded of accounts of the inflammability of linseed oil, a definitely dodgy substance and I wonder how many fires were caused but by spontaneous combustion
Windmills / Re: Wind Oil Mill - Gillingham
« Last post by kms on May 28, 2017, 14:10:14 »
I think this illustrates precisely why I'm leaving the Medway volume to the end.  Windmills in rapidly urbanising areas make money but come and go quickly, and often too quickly for the cartographer.  I discovered this is South London...

Two things spring to mind.  Firstly, I must get a good look at the ledgers of George Stedman, held at Medway archives.  If they go back to these sort of dates then they should reveal a great deal as he is likely to have built most of the mills around here, corn or oil-cake.  I would hazard a guess that the corn mill shown on here is the other mill mentioned by Coles-Finch as Stedmans, and shown in the photos.  It would seem that this is the mill marked on the map and the sole mill mentioned in the tithe schedule.  The mill from Conyer Quay Teynham, wasn't moved until 1845 at the earliest, when it was being advertised for sale or removal.  In 1796 it was an oil mill, unusually with steam mill attached, but by 1845 it had been converted to grinding corn.

Just to give you an idea of the linseed industry.  It appears that there was a bit of a fad to produce linseed in quantity from about 1790.  Mills sprung up everywhere in Kent to produce oilcake and linseed.  The fad quickly ran out, as the industry wasn't as generous or in demand as was expected, and most of the mills were converted to the production of flour.  The last mill I can find producing linseed was the other mill at Nonington in the latter half of the nineteenth century.
Windmills / Re: Wind Oil Mill - Gillingham
« Last post by smiffy on May 27, 2017, 20:13:39 »
The description and date seems to fit, although the place they've got it marked is nowhere near where it is on the map! I'm not surprised it burnt down, this seems to have been the fate of many mills over the years. I sometimes wonder what the insurance premiums must have been like. :)
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