News: Gypsy tart originated from the Isle of Sheppey
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To ensure KHF retains its professional and friendly standard we ask that you follow the guidelines of the forum.  These guidelines were created to protect and help all members and to also help Admin complete any moderation quickly and easily.    

The following guidelines are designed to make posting on Kent History Forum easier.  All forums can be daunting and confusing to start with and due to the size of KHF it can be rather difficult at first.  Each of our boards have been dedicated to the most discussed topics and cover a wide range of areas of interest, please take a while to familiarise yourself with the boards that are currently available before you begin to post.  Please make use of our excellent search function which will allow you to check if a particular topic is already being discussed and in doing so it will enable you to post a reply in the correct thread.  

Posting on KHF
Memories of places are always welcome and by using the search function you can ensure they are posted in the correct thread or board.  Please try to post particular places in their own threads.  Threads on high streets or closed pubs become too long and confusing and it is much easier to find specific places when posts are based on the one pub/shop/street/castle etc.  Please try not to deviate from the topic in the thread title, if something comes to mind that you wish to post about and does not fit in with the current topic then start a new thread.

Important Guidelines
  • Member's names cannot be changed after registration
  • When you want to bring attention of your post to a particular member please use their complete forum name, not their real name
  • Share – thank members for sharing their information by sharing yours too!
  • Please concentrate on posting facts, opinions can distract from the truth
  • Please do not post requests for information on this forum without sharing information with us too; this is an information sharing forum!

Respect and Sensitivity
  • We have many threads relating to people who have died, we therefore ask out of respect to these people that jokes are not made in serious threads

Clean and Tidy
  • We encourage a high quality use of grammar and punctuation.  Please make use of capital letters, correct grammar and punctuation in your posts, including the topic titles
  • When setting the topic title or post, do not use capital letters throughout
  • Do not use "text speak" in your posts
  • When replying to posts it is important that you stay on topic, off topic posts may be moved or deleted
  • When referring to a previous post please use the ‘Quote’ function and do not use dates, times etc to point to the post you mean
  • Do not duplicate photographs
  • Posts regarding a place or artefact that has already been spoken about on the forum should be added to the original thread
  • No large banners are to be used in your signature
  • No moving avatars
  • A Member’s account which is inactive for more than 180 days will be removed
  • Do not use this forum as a gallery; information is the main priority here
  • Please do not repeatedly post links to the same website, use the links board to point out good websites to others
  • Do not post multiple links to your own website, make use of the specified area for members websites

  • Any posts regarding ancestry should only be posted in the Ancestry category, please do not post queries in the history boards

Sources and Copyright
  • Do not copy other peoples work.  If you post anything from another site please provide a link and the author's name
  • Do not steal pictures from other websites; any taken from books should be supplied with details of the book, author and owner of the photograph, plan or picture
  • If you wish to post anything found at National Archives please provide admin with the file details and wait until a licence has been gained
  • Please give sources when sharing information and photographs
  • Do not use members photographs, plans or information on any other website without gaining their permission first

Ignoring the guidelines will result in offending posts being modified or removed and repeat offenders accounts being disabled.  General ‘cleanups’ of threads are made regularly, this may result in topics being edited, removed, merged, split or moved to maintain the forums high standard – please do not take offence, it is not personal!  If a reply is made to a post that has gone ‘off topic’ please consider that the reply and original post may be deleted without warning, this can be avoided by starting new threads instead of answering to ‘off topic’ posts.  This is not an exploration forum; please do not treat it as such.  KHF was set up to share information; we welcome all relevant material but ask people to remember the purpose of the forum.  The administrators of KHF reserve the right to reproduce any post on KHF for use on the forum.
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