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Author Topic: Sheerness items from 1860 to 1974  (Read 6925 times)

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Sheerness items from 1860 to 1974
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(Some items may be duplicated in other threads )

See the  complete details  (using these headings ) the newspapers are  kept in the  Sheerness Local Library 

1860      Feb 10th  Building Of Wildfire

Feb 17th  Queenborough Mace 1702 Book Extracts Of Ships.

Feb 24th  1891 Queenborough Pleasure Gardens Opened.

May 26th  Whale In Medway.

Sep 22nd  Edward Street Renamed Broadway.

1861 Oct 21st  School Room To Let Alma Street,Apply G.S.Penney 48,

James Street.

1863 Jul 25th  St.Mary Church Woolwich Marrriage Mr.Charles

William Neal Of S/Ness And Late Of Dr.Livingstone  Expedition.

1863 Nov 14th  Re The Start Of The Gas Company.

1863 Oct 10th  Copperas Works Sold At Queenborough.

1863 Oct 17th  Literary Institute Try To Get Charles Dickens Here.

1864 Aug 27th  Half The Houses In Sheerness Are Now Connected To

The Water Main .

1864 Feb 27th  Congregational Church Alma Road Is Now Completed.

1864 May 14th  Mr.T Penney Inspector Hmd 88-8s-6d Pension.

1864 Oct  8th  Mr.H.Penney Secretary Of Odd Fellows.

1865 Dec 23rd  Description Of All Shops In Sheerness.

1865 Feb 18th  Wife Of Edward Penney Ward Room Steward Formidable

- A Daughter.

1865 Feb 25th  Pc Church Minster,Mr H Penney Shipwright

Hmd.Married Emily ,2nd Dau Of Mr.Adams. All Of Sheerness.

1865 Nov 18th  See Also 25th Mr.H.Penney Reads "Penny Readings."

1865 Sep 16th  Local Board Of Health ,Mr.T Penney Re Letter

Protesting Over The Water Charges.

1865 Sep 23rd  18th Inst.At Beach St. ,Death Of Eldest Dau.Of

Mr.Edward Penney Aged 2 Years Of Hms Formidable

1865 Sep 9th   Mr.W.Penney Elected Sheerness Literary Institute.

Mr.W.& Mr.H Penney.

1866 Jan 20th  United Ancient Order Of Druids Lodge No 385 Of


1868 Apr 18th  Population Of Sheerness ,16,000.

1868 Aug 29th  W & G Penney (Temperance) Also Sep 5th Cricket

Match Sheppey United.

1868 Aug 29th  Church Farm Warden/Eastchurch Burnt Out.

1868 Jun  3rd  Copperas Factory 1579 By Matthew Falconer

1868 Jun 20th  Excusion To Sevenoaks -Manchester United Odd

Fellows,Contact H.Penney.

1868 Oct 24th  Under 18's W.Penney Wins Prize For Singing.

1868 Oct 31st  Two Sails Of Windmill  Lost Sited Adjacent Catholic

Church.One In Sea.

1868 Sep  5th  Fire At Old Hook Farm Eastchurch

1868 Sep 26th  Sheerness Literary Institute W.Penney Committee


1868 Sep 26th  Fire At Garretts Farm.

1869 Apr 10th  Description Of Sheerness.

1869 Dec  1st  A Cottage Hospital Proposed For Sheerness

1869 Dec  4th  22nd K.A.V. Resign Due To Insult.

1869 Dec  4th  Thistle Sunk .List Of Subscribers To Fund.

1869 Dec  4th  Farewell Dinner To Kent Rifle Vol. Penney Of

Eastchurch ( Probably.Thomas)

1869 Feb 13th  Public Health Of Sheerness,Death % Etc.

1869 Jan 23rd  Churches, Public Offices,

1869 Jan 23rd  Trade Register Of Sheerness.

1869 Mar 13th  Gossip About Old Sheerness.No.1

1869 Mar 27th  Details Of Ships Etc Mutiny Of The Nore.

1869 Oct 16th  Fire At East End Lane -Paynes Farm.

1869 Sep 25th  Re Riggs Views Of Sheerness.(15)

1870 Apr 16th  Fire At Two Wooden Housesat Jun.Of Two Roads To

Eastchurch.A Noted Gin House And Rond.Of Smugglers,Just Past Mill

Hill.C 1870 Aug  6th  Battledore Game ,Mrs. Penney Played.

1870 Aug 13th  Kent Arch.Society Tour And History Of Sheppey.

1870 Dec       Education Act In Sheerness.

1870 Dec 17th  Launch Of Hms.Lively ,Mr.H.T.Penney Foreman Of The


1870 Feb 19th  Birth 15th Inst. At 7. Herbert Terrace Wife Of

Mr.Penney A Daughter.

1870 Jul 16th  Opening Of St.Pauls Church .

1870 Jun 11th  Death Of Edward James Penney Only Son Of Edward

James Penney Aged Two Years At Westminster.

1870 Jun 18th  Kingsboro'court Leet On Whit Monday Under Court

Tree.Foreman And 12 Jurors Appointed For Ensuing Year + High

Constable.  1870 Jun 25th  On 23rd Inst At Westminster Son Born To

Edward James Penney.

1870 Jun 25th  Landslip Near Minster Re Warden Church.

1870 Mar 20th  H.T.Penney Inspector Of Shipwrights 2nd Class To Be

Acting Foreman,In Sheerness

1870 May 28th  Cricket For Hmd.Apprentices Mr.W.Penney.

1870 May 7th   Sheppey Bus Service- Sheerness To Eastchurch.

1870 Nov 12th  "Penney Readings Mr.G.Penney.

1870 Sep 24th  List Of Pubs In Sheerness See Also Oct 1st.

1871 Aug 26th  Populatioin Of Sheerness.

1871 Feb 11th  Rateable Value 24,105.

1871 Feb 4th   15,000 People In Sheerness In Letter Re New Fire


1871 Jan 21st  Mr.G Penney Temperance Society.

1871 Jul  8th  1089 Installation Thursday.

1871 Jul 15th  Death Of Uriah Dickens ,Expenses Born By Adams


1871 Jun 17th  List Of Barges In Race.

1871 Jun 17th  Elmley All About.

1871 Jun 24th  History Of Sheerness-Shire-Nasse, Garrison Point.

1871 May 13th  Inquest On A Jury-F.R.Penney.

1871 May 20th  First Ever Photograph In The Paper???

1872 Feb  3rd  R.H.Penney Andw,H.Penney Shipwrights Complete


1873 Apr 12th  Minster Fair Possibly Due To Serious Riots Between


1873 Apr 24th  Mr.W Penney Re Cricket Match.

1873 Apr 24th  Mr.J.Penney Collector Uninion Funds.

1873 Aug 16th  Sheerness To Be Called Crimea?.

1873 Dec 22nd  List Of Subscribers To Maidstone

Hospital,W.H.Penney Gives 4/- And G.S.Penney Gives 5/8d.Both

Shipwrights.               1873 Jul  9th  At Eastchurch Mr.George

W Penney Married Minnie The Eldest Dau. Of Mr.Morris

Fitzgerald(All Of S/Ness)                   1873 Jun 14th

Desciption Of Sheppey Cliffs,Medway Barge Race,Name Of Ship Etc.

1873 Jun 28th  Sheppey Cliffs.

1873 Mar  1st  J.Penney Re First Agm. At The Victoria Club.

1873 Nov 22nd  Old Election Report Of Queenborough.

1873 Nov 29th  Re Good Templars,Mr.W.H.Penney Conductor Of The


1873 Sep  6th  Tour Of Sheerness.

1873 Sep 13th  Sheerness Named Sheerness-On-Sea.?

1873 Sep 13th  New Church At Leysdown.

1874           May,June,July Etc.,Description Of Sheerness (Not

Very Good.).

1874 Apr 11th  Re Lord Of The Manor Of Minsterchas Polson.-Short


1874 Apr 25th  Interesting Talk On Sea Walks Of Sheppey,Incl Roman

Times-Tremmode (Kings ) Ferry.

1874 Aug  1st  State Of Building Progress In Sheerness.

1874 Aug 15th  Birth At Kobe,Japan,Daughter To George John

Penney,Late Of Sheerness.

1874 Aug 15th  Birth At Kobe ,Japan,Mr.George John Penney Late Of

Sheerness ,A Daughter.

1874 Aug 22nd  Pottery Find On The Cliffs, Very Old.

1874 Jan 24th  Re Warden Church. Mr.H.N.Penney Member Of Local

Board Of Health.

1874 Jul       500 Each To Rmib,&G.By Mr.Cliff.

1874 Jul 18th  Ashford Annual?

1874 Jul 18th  On The 11th Inst.In High Street,Wife Of

Mr.F.Penney,Butcher, A Son.

1874 Jul 25th  Notice To Build School At Harty.

1874 Jun  6th  Prov.Grand  Lodge Of Kent ,Sevenoaks.

1874 Jun 20th  Prov.Grand  Lodge Of Kent ,Sevenoaks.

1874 Mar 21st  Death Of Thomas  Penney Leading Man Of

Shipwrights,Aged 77 Years.

1874 Mar 21st  Death Of Mr.Thomas Penney Late L.M.Of

Shipwrights,At Rose Street,Aged 77.

1874 May  2nd  Schools In Sheerness.

1874 May  9th  Walter John Penney Director Of Co-Op In Court Case.

1874 May 16th  R.M.I.G. (Staffs.)

1874 May 30th  Consecration Of Leysdown Church.

1874 May 30th  Consecration Of Leysdown Church.

1874 Nov  7th  Re Building Esplanade.

1874 Nov  7th  Proposed Esplanade.

1874 Nov 17th  Re Banks Finds Three Boys Workhouse,Home.

1874 Nov 22nd  History Of The Sheerness Pier.

1874 Nov 25th  List Of Subscibers To Leysdown Church.

1874 Nov 25th  History Of Harty.

1874 Oct  3rd  Good Description Of Warden.

1874 Oct  3rd  Number Of En Employed In The Hmd In 1729.

1874 Oct 10th  Death On 5th Inst.At The Official Res.Of Her Son

George Penney,Mary Ann Relict Of Late George Aged 62,4 Naval

Terr.Chath 1874 Oct 10th  Masons And R.C.'S.

1874 Oct 10th  Good Description Of Leysdown

1874 Oct 17th  Last Combat By Duel In England (At Harty?).

1874 Oct 17th  Very Very Very Good Description Of Harty.

1874 Oct 24th  Re Mr.A Penney.

1874 Oct 31st  Very Good Account Of Re-Opening Queenborough Castle


1874 Oct 31st  In 1723 Sheerness Had Three Streets.

1874 Oct 31st  Re Mr.T Penney.

1874 Sep  5th  Roman Remains Found At Warden.

1874 Sep  5th  Warden Cliffs ,Roman Remains.

1874 Sep  5th  Roman Reains On Cliffsmidway Between Hensbrook And

Barrow Brook Near Drapers Farm.3ft Deep.Adj Swanley Farm.

1874 Sep  5th  Letter From Gm Re Resigning,See Also Sep 12th.

1874 Sep  5th  Gm Of Greece Laid Foundation Stone Of New Porch To

Sevenoaks Church,Mallet Used Also Used On St.Pauls Cathedral In

1675. 1874 Sep 12th  History Of Minster Cliffs.

1874 Sep 12th  History Of Minster Abbey.

1874 Sep 12th  Mr.F Penney High Street,Mile Town.

1874 Sep 19th  Regatta And Long List Of Names.

1874 Sep 19th  Long List Of Sheppey People.

1874 Sep 19th  Description Of Sheerness And Warden Church.

1874 Sep 26th  De Shurland Hotel,Broadway Marine Town.

1874 Sep 26th  Royal Family +.

1874 Sep 26th  Mr.E.Penney J.D. 1089.

1874 Sep 26th  Drapers Point Roman Pottery Found,Extreme Corner Of

Cliff Seen From Sheerness.

1875 Aug  7th  Old Sheppey No.1 Very Very Good.

1875 Aug 21st  Re New Bridge,Moat?.

1875 Feb       Number Of People Visited Sheerness By Boat.


1875 Jan 16th  Rateable Value Of All Pubs ,All Listed.

1875 Jan 30th  Re The Oldest Drawing Of Queenborough Castle.See

Also Feb 6th.

1875 Jul 17th  Death Of W.Bro.Townsend.

1875 Jul 24th  New Route Sheerness/Flushing.

1875 Jun  3rd  Beach Keeper Required.

1875 Jun 12th  Out With The Arch.Soc. And Geologists.

1875 Jun 26th  Prosecution For Not Sending Children To School.

1875 Jun 26th  Mr.W.H.Penney Of Sheerness To Be Writer In

Storehouse Dept..

1875 Mar 13th  Short History Of The Co-Op, Started 1816 But Not

Enrolled Until 1862.

1875 Nov  6th  Birth At 66 High Street Blue Town,Wife Of

Mr.E.J.Penney A Son.

1875 Oct  2nd  Path Of Ships Around Kent,Sheppey From Roman Times.

1875 Sep  4th  Cutting Of Mill Hill Road.

1875 Sep 25th  Complaint Re Warden Church.

1876 Aug 12th  Description Of Minster Abbey.

1876 Dec  9th  List Of People Re Fund.

1876 Dec  9th  Old Papers Of Sheppey Esp.Queenborough Castle Sale


1876 Feb 26th  H.Penney On The Local Board Of Health.

1876 Feb 26th  Mr.F.R. Penney At Inquest.

1876 Jun 20th  Fossils On Beach.

1876 May 20th  Description Of New Well,200 Ft. And Tunnel At

Bottom 5x4 Ft. Then 150 Ft.Deep.

1876 Nov       P.G.L. Of M.M.M.

1876 Nov 30th  Old Poem Re Queenborough.

1876 Sep  2nd  Gainsborough Painting In Minster Abbey.

1876 Sep 16th  Balance Sheet Of Rates.

1877 Jan 13th  Geographical Formation Of Sheerness.

1879 Sep 13th  Chesapeak Figurehead +Old Sheerness.

1880 Apr 17th  E.J.Penney Born A Son.

1880 Aug 28th  Minster Abbey Repairs And Finds.

1880 Feb 28th  Restoration Of Minster Abbey Church+ A Short


1880 Jul  3rd  Abbey Church Repairs See Also Previous Week.

1880 Jul 17th  E.J.Penney Steward On Hms. Duncan-An Accident.

1880 Jul 17th  Rates Account.

1880 Jul 31st. E.J.Penney (Snr.) Died.

1880 Jun 12th  Restoration And Opening Of Harty Church.

1880 Jun 26th  Outing On Sheppey Cliffs.

1880 Nov  6th  Finds In The Abbey Grounds.Exploration.

1880 Nov 13th  Order Of Merit Dockyard School W.Penney.

1900 Jul 21st  Queenborough Pier -Terrible Fire.

1904 Feb 13th  History Of Minster Abbey Stared 675ad. (3 Paras.)

1904 Jan 23rd  Very Good Description Of Eastchurch Church (3


1904 Nov 5th   The Swale Bridge (3 Paras ).

1904 Oct 22nd  Nature Rambles In Minster. (2 Paras)

1911 Dec 23rd  Legends Of Sheerness  ( 4 Paras. )

1911 Nov  4th  Old Eastchurch Church Very Good. +Shurland Very

Good, Very Good In December.

1911 Oct 14th  First Well Dug By Engineers 1782 .Sheerness Of 1862

+ Sketch.

1913 Dec 13th  Old Court Leet Tree And Minster Abbey Well Both

Gone Now.

1916 Apr  8th  Account Of All Zepplin Raids.

1916 Jan  1st  1915 Dockyard And History Of.

1916 Jul  8th  Death Of Mrs Jacobs Old Account Of Sheerness Incl.

"Monks Fire "

1916 May 27th  List Of Men Lost In The Princess Irene.

1917 Apr 14th  Death Of Horace Short (3 Paras)

1918 Dec 21st  Old Sheerness By Abe Jacobs.

1918 Nov  6th  Street Names Of Sheppey.

1918 Oct 26th  Street Names Of Sheppey.

1919 Apr 12th  Well At The Brewery Tap.

1919 Apr 19th  Our First Well One Long Para.

1919 Aug 16th  Queenborough Castle.

1919 Mar 15th  Old Well At Queenborough Castle.

1919 May 24th  Well For Dockyard Works.Abe Jacobs Very Very Good.

1921 Jun 25th  Dead Mans Island + Quarantine Hospital.

1922 Jun 10th  And Before Is The History Of Trhe "Jacob " Family.

1923 Dec 29th  Eastchurch 1874  (Whole Page.)

1923 Jan  6th  History Of Kings Ferry Bridge.

1923 Jan 13th  Queenborough Fair.

1923 Jul 17th  Sheerness Fair.

1923 Jul 21st  Minster Fair.

1923 Jul 28th  Heads Fire Bluetown Court.

1923 May 12th  Mutiny Of The Nore. (Another!)

1923 Sep 15th  Blue Town.1827.

1923 Sep 15th  Very Bad Fire In Sheerness -1 Page. +List Of Large

Fires Since 1827.

1925           Bethel 200 Years Old And All Re Shrubsole. (3


1926           1814 Poem On Scapsgate Re Man Found.

1926 Nov 20th  "Old"Sheerness Wells.

1926 Oct  2nd  Sheerness In 1807.

1927 Sep 24th  Old Bones Found (Still There) Minster Abbey Gate.

1928 Nov  8th  Skulls Found In Queens Road.

1929 Oct 10th  Sheppey Not Always An Island.

1929 Sep 21st  +14th Sept. Eagle Seen At Warden.

1930 Aug  7th  Copperas Factory At Queenborough.

1930 Mar 27th  End Of The Workhouse.+20th.

1930 Nov 13th  Gliding Club Formed.+Nov 27th.

1931 Apr  2nd  Photo Of Halfway Houses.

1931 Apr  9th  Photo Of Garrison Point.

1931 Apr 16th  Photo Of Queenborough High Street.

1931 Apr 23rd  Minster Village.

1931 Apr 30th  Photo Of Marine Parade.

1931 Aug 27th  Figure Heads History+Dec10th.+Dec21st.

1931 Dec 17th  Woolich Dockyard ,The First One,1512?.

1931 Dec 31st  Canal Bank Origin.

1931 Feb 19th  Photo Of Warden Church.

1931 Feb 19th  Photo Of Sheerness Generally.

1931 Jan 22nd  Photo Of Marine .

1931 Jan 29th  Photo Of Alma Road In 1865.

1931 Mar  5th  Photo Of Hippodrome In 1860.

1931 Mar 19th  Photo Of Dockyard And Wooden Ships.

1931 Mar 26th  Isolation Hospital In Stickfast Lane. (Elm Lane ).

1931 Mar 26th  Photo Of Salem Chapel.

1931 May  7th  Photo Of Harbour And Pier.

1931 May 14th  Photo Of Gun Wharf -Garrison.

1931 May 21st  Photo Of Fort.

1931 May 28th  Photo Of Sea Front,Trinity Rd,Halfway Houses,Ship-

On-Shore(Late 60's)Shurland Hall,(Good)Queenborough Etc.Etc.

1931 Nov 12th  Visit Of George Iii .Hms Victory -Details.

1931 Nov 19th  Sheppey Legend.

1931 Nov 19th  Hms.Cornwallis History.

1931 Nov 19th  Origin Of Banks Town.

1931 Nov 26th  Living On The Hulks Approx.1740.

1931 Sep  4th  +Nov 5th.Start Of Salvation Army 1879.

1931 Sep 31st  Figure Head Of Hms.North Star + Photos.

1932 Feb 11th  Re Windmills -3 In Sheppey.

1932 Jan 14th  Canal Cut In 1840?.

1932 Nov 24th  Old Sheerness.

1932 Oct  6th  Hms. Cornwallis Re Life Of.

1932 Oct 20th  + 27th ,Old Sheerness Incl.Wells.

1932 Sep 29th  4 Or 5 Mills In Sheppey.

1932 Sep 29th  Nelsons Naval Career In Sheerness,( 3 Paras.).

1933 Apr  5th  Gravestone At Love Lane.

1933 Apr 19th  Origin Of Lethbridge Nursing .

1933 Apr 29th  Sidney Barnard Rn Tomb On Dead Mans Island.

1933 Aug 31st  Cotterels,Burial Mounds,Accident On Firing

Range,Nelson Slept Here.

1933 Dec 13th  Bones Found ,Convicts Garden,"Klondyke".

1933 Jul  1st  Sheerness.

1933 Jul  8th  De Shurland Family (3 Paras)

1933 Jul 22nd  Sheerness Directory.(Cont.)

1933 Jun  3rd  1843 Elmley Church.

1933 Jun  7th  Large Turtle Washed Up .

1933 Jun 10th  1843 Minster Parish.

1933 Jun 14th  Sheppey In 1794.

1933 Jun 17th  Leysdown Re Elephant Tusks.

1933 Jun 24th  Queenborough + Castle + ....

1933 Jun 28th  First Postmaster Of Sheppey.

1933 May 10th  Cockle Boys And Rhymes.

1933 May 27th  1843 Sheppey Directory.

1933 Nov 23rd  Minster Farms Owners.

1933 Oct  5th  Sheppey Must Amagamate.

1933 Oct  5th  Last Sailing Ship To Leave Sheerness.

1933 Oct 19th  Traffic Lights For Sheerness.

1933 Sep 20th  Round Sheerness -Hike For One Day.

1934           Toll Gate 143 High Street Sheerness,Flour Mill-Fire

Holborn Villa 1862.

1934 Mar 15th  W.G.Grace Scored 111.Bat Presented To Eastchurch

Cricket Club.From 1901 April 27th.

1934 Mar 29th  W.G.Grace's Cricket Bat.

1935 Apr  4th  Bluetown Fire 1827 ,Plenty On Keddell ,Sheppey


1935 Apr 18th  Old Map Of Sheppey Queen Elizabeth.

1935 Aug 20th  Re Laying Of The Foundation Stone Of Trinity


1935 Dec 26th  Big Fire In Sheerness.,Three Mills.

1935 Feb  7th  Barnarby And Reed .

1935 Feb 14th  Swale Frozen Over In 1776.

1935 Jan 10th  Large Pencil Sketch Of Warden Church 1874.

1935 Jul  4th  Sheppey Court History.+ 18th.

1935 Oct 17th  Cutting Through Mill Hill.

1935 Sep  5th  Pier Centenary,And Photo Of 1835?.

1939           1776 Flood And Ice And Names.

1939 Jul  6th  Water Pumps Breakdown 1889.

1939 Mar  2nd  Brewery Tap Waterworks.

1939 Mar  9th  Wg.Grace Cricket Bat.

1939 May 25th  Names Of Old Sheppey Farms.

1939 Oct 13th  St.George Road -Fire 1862 ++.

1974 Nov 28th  List Of Subscibers To Leysdown Church.

1974 Nov 28th  No.1 History Of Harty (Very Good.).

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