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Author Topic: Military Road, Chatham  (Read 5243 times)

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Re: Military Road, Chatham
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2015, 18:09:11 »
My Step Mother was born in Henry Street in 1919 and when she was about 8 yrs she used to go with her Mother to the Paddock where there used to be Christmas markets.

Her Mother wore one of those top hat type of hat`s that the women used to wear and she told me that there were all oil lamps hanging in the trees so the stall holders could see in the dark evenings.

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Re: Military Road, Chatham
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2015, 00:10:09 »
Oh dear, oh dear, what a terrible loss in the name of change. My husband and I both lived in Chatham for twenty years from the late forties until we met and married and moved to Rochester in the late sixties.
We have visited Chatham from time to time over the years and have been shocked at how run down the town is. Military Road used to be a pleasant place to stand and wait for the 141 bus to the Wayfield Estate. The Riverside gardens behind always well kept and tidy. To change that area for the new bus station has ripped the heart out of the town, leaving it bleak and cold.The High Street is unrecognisable with most of the shops in a sorry state of repair.The Shipping office is still there though trying hard to rise above the flaking paint. As a teenager in the sixties I would not have hesitated to walk alone at night along the High Street. I would not feel safe to do that now, it would just be too spooky.
I appreciate that money is tight but Chatham with its important history deserves better and someone really ought to get their act together and look to obtaining funding for regenerating Chatham and restoring its dignity.


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Military Road, Chatham
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2010, 11:48:30 »
I think someone suggested it would be great to have some 'then' and 'now' pictures. Well, here's some 'then' and 'what's to come' pictures.

                    'The Shrubbery' in 1907.

                    Those chestnut trees were mere saplings.

                   The Paddock in April 2011. From this week's 'Medway News'

                   It looks as if those chestnut trees have been spared, or are they replacements in the foreground?
It's no use getting old if you don't get artful


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