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Author Topic: Cinema organs.  (Read 24114 times)

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Re: Cinema organs.
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2011, 22:40:43 »
The organ that was in the Ritz, Chatham is now at the Buttermarket, Shrewsbury and the one previously in the Gaumont at Gillingham I think is in New Zealand.  I can`t remember what happened to the organ from the Gaumont/ Majestic, Rochester and as far as I know there wasn`t one in the Regent, Chatham due to the `pit` flooding (as the Odeon in Sittingbourne). I`m relying on memory and could be wrong. Somewhere on the Forum there`s an answer to your question, Colin, but I can`t find it at the moment. I`m sure Barrowboy will correct me if I`m wrong and give a more comprehensive answer.

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Cinema organs.
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2011, 21:19:51 »
This Wurlitzer I saw and heard in a museum in Thursford, Norfolk.
It came from a cinema in Leeds.   Anyone know what may have happenend to ones  that used to be in cinemas and theatres in Kent?


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