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Author Topic: NAAFI Club/Aurora Hotel/King Charles Hotel, Brompton Road, Gillingham [i]  (Read 13699 times)

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The King Charles was the Aurora until about the early 80s (or perhaps very late 70s) For a while it was also sometimes referred to as Excaliburs, but that was only really the night-club part.
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Offline colin haggart

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I'm pretty sure the King Charles Hotel used to be called the "Aurora"

Me too, Smiffy.

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I'm pretty sure the King Charles Hotel used to be called the "Aurora"

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The NAAFI building in Richmond Road was a storage and distribution depot.

The other building opened as a NAAFI Club; I’m not sure exactly when, but it was open during 1950-1952 when I was in the RAF – I went there a couple of times when I was on leave (only to be nosey because, living at Rochester, I had a perfectly good home and drinking den in my dad's pub!). It had the same facilities as the NAAFI on every service unit of any size, plus overnight accommodation. I don’t know how much demand there would have been from service people stationed in the area – perhaps as a wider meeting place than their ‘unit’ NAAFI. I don’t know about army and navy establishments, but most RAF stations had a ‘Transit Billet’ for overnight accommodation for people passing through, so would there have been much demand for the rooms?

Whatever the case, it didn’t last long as a NAAFI Club, but I’m certain it was not named “King Charles Hotel” until it became a private hotel.
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Offline Bryn Clinch

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Excuse my ignorance, colin haggart, as I don`t know Gillingham very well, but I remember the large NAAFI Club opposite the sports ground between Gillingham and Brompton and wonder why there was another building in Richmond Road.


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