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Author Topic: Fire at the Dockyard May 1808  (Read 2265 times)

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Fire at the Dockyard May 1808
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Sunday 22nd May 1808

FIRE AT CHATHAM DOCKYARD — A very considerable degree of alarm was yesterday excited by a report industriously circulated that Chatham Dockyard had been entirely destroyed by fire.    Some persons even went so far as to assert, that it had been done by design; that it was the work of French emissaries, who had left behind them a paper signifying that it was but the commencement of a system which would extend to and be felt in other parts of the kingdom.   
We are happy, however, to be enabled to inform the public, that these rumours most greatly exaggerated the fact. The fire broke out between nine and ten o'clock on Monday night, in one of the hemp houses at Chatham, but assistance was at hand, the fire engines were immediately set to work, and in about an hour and a half, the fire was completely extinguished. The damage done is very inconsiderable.   At twelve o'clock, a messenger was dispatched with intelligence to the Admiralty. At that time everything was in complete safety, and no further damage was apprehended. How the fire originated in the hemp house, has not yet been ascertained. It is reported, however, that it was occasioned by some hemp being put together too green, which heated and caught fire. 


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