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Canterbury Markets
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Meat Market at Canterbury, 1810:

“Meat Market on Saturday last presented an extraordinarily fine show of Christmas Beef and Mutton. 

Among the most attractive of which was a one year old Wether of the new Leicester Breed, fed by Mr F. WHITFIELD of Ashford and killed by Mr John CLARKE, the carcass of which weighed 111 lbs and the fat 14-lbs.  This was considered by judges to be the most complete of its class ever exhibited.

     Another fat sheep fed by Mr Sam FINN of Lydd, from whence it had been driven to this City, was killed and exhibited by Mr H. PACK.  This was fed on grass only and its dead weight was 161-lbs – 40-lbs per quarter.  From its having walked so long a distance without injury, considering its fatness, much surprise was expressed at the sight of it.  Two uncommonly fine Sussex bred heifers fed on grass only, also exhibited by Mr PACK.

      EXTRAORDINARY weight of a Kent Sheep:
      The following is a correct statement of the several weights of one of Mr SMART’s sheep sold in Smithfield on Monday 17th inst and slaughtered by Mr BARWELL of Hornchurch, Essex, the following day:
       Live weight  250 lbs;   
       Dead weight :   Carcass 180 ½ lbs.     Tallow 23 -    Total 203 ½ lbs.
       The above sheep was bred by Mr SMART of Rainham from the stock of Mr Richard GOORD of Milton, was fed on grass, clover and turnips only;   and was 32 months old.

       The three 2-years old Wether sheep of the Kent Breed fed on grass only by Mr WALL of Ashford and shown in Smithfield on Monday 17th inst, were killed by Mr SEARLE of the Borough and weighed as under:
       No.1   carcass 154-lbs;  fat 13 ¼ lbs.
       No.2   carcass 163-lbs;  fat 16 ¼ lbs.
       No.3   carcass 166-lbs;  fat 16 ½ lbs."

(Kentish Gazette 25 Dec 1810)


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