News: “Over the graves of the Druids and under the wreck of Rome,
Rudely but surely they bedded the plinth of the days to come.
Behind the feet of the Legions and before the Norseman’s ire
Rudely but greatly begat they the framing of State and Shire
Rudely but deeply they laboured, and their labour stand till now.
If we trace on ancient headlands the twist of their eight-ox plough.”

-Rudyard Kipling
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Author Topic: Odd Bird Event, Cobham & Medway, 1794  (Read 2097 times)

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Odd Bird Event, Cobham & Medway, 1794
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Hereford Journal - Wednesday 25 June 1794

Thursday a circumstance of a very uncommon nature occurred in the neighbourhood of Cobham: a large flight of Cormorants were seen hovering about the park, which carried away great quantities of poultry; they had the audacity to attack a deer, and made great destruction among the fruit. Several of these rapacious animals were shot, and the rest dispersed; some of the wounded have since been seen about Chatham and Brompton.
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