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Author Topic: Accidental Shooting in Rochester, 1849  (Read 1622 times)

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Accidental Shooting in Rochester, 1849
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Kentish Gazette - Tuesday 11 December 1849

PROVIDENTIAL ESCAPE. - On Saturday se’nnight, a young man named Smart, in the service of W. Lee, Esq., on Boley Hill, fired a pistol at a poor woman, who with her two children, were begging opposite his master's house, when one of the shots lodged in the fleshy part of the head, above the left ear. It appears that the pistol had been loaded by the baker to shoot small-birds, and carelessly left in the kitchen; Smart, who knew nothing of its being loaded, thoughtlessly took it up, and pointing it through the window at the woman, pulled the trigger, when, to his utter astonishment and consternation it exploded, shattering the window and lodging one of the shots in the poor woman's head, as before stated. Captain Baker, whose house adjoins Mr. Lee's, hearing the screams, immediately came to her assistance, and ordered her to be taken to the Station Honse, where she was promptly attended by Mr. Stevenson, the city surgeon, - who, upon examination of the wound, was of opinion it was not dangerous. She and her children were subsequently sent to the Medway Union. Her name is Mary Town. A few minutes previous to firing off the pistol, Smart had presented it to one of his fellow servants in the kitchen, but providentially did not pull the trigger, or death must have been the inevitable consequence.

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