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Author Topic: shopping in Sheerness back then  (Read 11214 times)

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shopping in Sheerness back then
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2012, 19:59:05 »
Another set from Dads archive this time focusing on retail outlets around Sheerness



3 Peek Freanes motor lorry would be interesting to date it and find out the make


5 two prints of the same building from slightly different angles


7 The next two have me puzzled. Dad is normally very accurate but the first one has an advert for a circus in Gillingham.Any ideas as to where these buildings were?


9 I remember the sweet shop on the right as I used to frequent it nearly every day on my way to the tech school in the 60s and my nan lived down the road to right

10 The next two are of the same shop but under different owners


12 the post office

13 My favourite image,so much happening and a riot of signage and the gloriously silly window shades


15 A garage at centre of picture and the Bon Marche in the distance.Remember shopping there with my mum and watching the lamson overhead rail system taking money to central accounts and the change being returned

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