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Author Topic: Accident at Blue Town Pier  (Read 2225 times)

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Accident at Blue Town Pier
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An article from a local paper 1909: Sailors Terrible Injury
A terrible and unfortunate accident happened yesterday afternoon resulting in fearful injury to a young naval stoker. At about ten minutes to two a party consisting of about 30 seamen was proceeding from HMS Warrior, with the intention of landing the men at the town pier. At the pier head Messrs Millers large motor boat, used for carrying provisions, was moored and the men in the picket boat attempted to come alongside this, intending to land at the pier by crossing over the motor boat. The tide was running out strongly at the time, and there was a considerable eddy at the pier head. As the service boat was coming alongside the eddy caught it and swept it under the bows of the other crft with great force. Just at this moment First Class Stoker Fortesque , who was on the port side of the vessel, was standing ready to spring aboard the motor boat when the two craft came alongside.
The result of the collision was that his left foot was caught between the two boats and was crushed so badly just above the ankle that when the service boat and the other seperated it was seen ----(I'll leave the rather graphic description for a moment  :()
'They managed to get the poor guy up onto the pier but then they had to get him to some sort of medical assistance which would have been the Dockyard and so:'
A messenger was sent post haste to the dockyard for a stretcher, but almost a quarter of an hour elapsed before this was forthcoming. ( I would say that to get from the pier head into Blue Town round to the Dockyard Gate and then to a medical station and back again would have taken more like half hour)
When the stretcher arrived  the stoker was put on it and conveyed to the Dockyard sick quarters.
The "Guardian" spoke later to several of the men who were in the picket boat and they spoke of the injured mans heroism and stoicism and said that as he was being borne away on the stretcher he wished his comrades "Good luck" at the football match with HMS Agamemnon, for which purpose they had come ashore. The spirit of stoicism that he showed was marvellous and perhaps it reflects, in no small degree the spirit of the Royal Navy of which we are all so proud.
The leg was, sad to say, removed. He was twenty one years and six weeks old  :'(
It was argued after this unfortunate incident, that a stretcher should be made available at all times at the pier head in case of further accidents


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