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Author Topic: Stealing From A Shop At Dartford 1860  (Read 1562 times)

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Stealing From A Shop At Dartford 1860
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Kentish Gazette - Tuesday 23 October 1860

These sessions commenced on Thursday last, before Gathorne Hardy, Esq., M.P. (chairman). The following magistrates were also on the bench: —Viscount Sydney (Lord-Lieutenane), the Earl of Romney, Sir Percival Hart Dyke, Bart., Colonel Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson, Bart., Admiral Jones-Marsham, Captain John Cheere, R.N., Colonel Cator, Colonel Fletcher, Rev. J. J. Marsham, C. G. Whittaker, Esq., J. G. Talbot, Esq., J. Whatman, Esq., W. Moore, Esq., J. 'Espirasse, Esq., E. Burton, Esq., D. Scratton, Esq., and Captain Robinson.

FRIDAY. — SECOND COURT. (Before J. ' Espinasse, Esq.)
STEALING FROM A SHOP AT DARTFORD. - Alfred Cooke and Henry Pitt were indicted for having stolen a box, three sovereigns, and 20s., the property of Mr. Geo. Evett, at Dartford, the 28th September. — Mr. Russell prosecuted. — Emma Evett, the daughter of the prosecutor, said that on the morning of the 28th of September, while upstairs, she heard a light footstep in the shop, and on going down saw Cooke in the back part of the shop, who said, "I believe you have been robbed." Another man was standing in the doorway, who went out on seeing witness. She immediately went to the door, and saw two men walking from the direction of the house to Crayford. The prisoner Cooke attempted to pass, but witness detained him until her brother came down. Prisoner said he hoped witness did not think that it was he that had robbed her; he had come as a friend to tell her of the robbery. Witness then searched, and found that the till had been opened, and small tin box containing 3 sovereigns was gone, and about 20s. in silver. — George Evett, brother of the last witness, said that he followed the two men whom his sister had seen going in the direction of Crayford. Cooke offered to accompany him. On the road witness said, "I think you are one of them," which Cooke denied. When they got nearly up to the two men Cooke called out "Charley," when one of them turned round, and both the men then immediately commenced running. The witness being out of breath was obliged to slacken his speed, when Cooke said "I'll after them," and commenced running at the top of his speed. They all got away. — P.C. Fowel deposed to apprehending the prisoners at the Farnborough station, when Cooke attempted to make his escape. — A witness saw the two prisoners, with another man, enter the shop on the morning in question. Two of them came out shortly after, and went in the direction of Crayford. When they had got little way from the house, one of them showed the other what appeared to money. — The prisoners were each sentenced to six months hard labour, and to be once privately whipped.
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