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Author Topic: Hospital, Walmer  (Read 2457 times)

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Hospital, Walmer
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Report of 1858

Hospital, Walmer.

The eastern block of the North Barracks is used for a Hospital, and one room of the centre block is also appropriated as a ward.
There is no separation between the Hospital entrance, and the rest of the Barracks, so that soldiers and convalescents can easily come together.  There is a court behind the Hospital in which as small garden, or exercising ground, has been laid out for convalescents.  The walk of this garden should be paved or asphalted, and covered seats put in for the patients.
The following table shows the ward accommodation in this Hospital at present, and what it would be at 1,200 cubic feet per bed:-

Wards.Present Number of Beds.Number of Beds at 1,200 cubic feet per Bed.Deficiency of accommodation in Beds.

At 1,200 cubic feet per bed, as near as may be, there is accommodation in this building for sixty-four beds, and no more.
The wards require fireplaces, on account of the great waste of heat.  It would be desirable that, in reconstructing them, a brick chamber separated from the fire should be reserved behind each fireplace, into which air should pass directly from the outside, and be admitted into the room after being warmed.  A shaft should be carried up in one corner, from the ceiling through the roof, and a large Arnott’s silk flap ventilator should be put into each chimney.  Inlets for air neat the ceiling should also be provided, by inserting a perforated glass pane into the top of each window, both shafts and inlets being provided, with a means of closing under the control of the Medical Officer.
On the staircase, small wards have been partitioned off from the landings.  These should be at once removed.  They interfere with the light and ventilation of the stairs and passages.  Perforated panes should be placed in the windows, which would then be opened to the staircase.
A shaft, of about 1 foot 6 inches square, should be led up from the ceiling of the staircase through the roof, and a fire-brick stove be provided on the ground floor, with a chamber arranged to receive air directly from the outer air, to be warmed before its entrance on to the staircase.
The water-closets open out of the wards; they should be provided with double doors, and with perforated panes, and shafts from the ceiling through the roofs for ventilation.
The itch ward is in the yard.  It requires ventilation by means of a shaft from the ceiling and inlets for air; a means of closing both under the control of the Medical Officer, being provided.
There is no ward for prisoners, and consequently when a prisoner is sick, a sentry mounts guard over him, to the disturbance of the other patients.
There are no rooms for the orderlies.
The baths and ablution rooms are food.
The privies are as good as privies draining into a cesspit can be.
The ashpit should be done away with, and an iron cart substituted.
The pack store opens into the yard, and appears sufficient.
It would be an improvement to provide a scullery and laundry, both of which are wanting.
The following are the improvements required for health in this Hospital.

1.   Sewerage, as in the other buildings.  Abolition of cesspits, and converting privies into water latrines.
2.   Reduction of numbers of beds, as recommended.
3.   Ventilation of wards by shafts and inlets for air, and improvement in fireplaces, as suggested.  Also ventilation in fireplaces, as suggested.  Also ventilation of water-closets.
4.   Removal of small wards from staircases, and ventilation of staircases as suggested.
5.   Abolition of ashpit, and daily removal of refuse.
6.   Hospital to be separated from Barrack by a suitable enclosure.


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