News: “Over the graves of the Druids and under the wreck of Rome,
Rudely but surely they bedded the plinth of the days to come.
Behind the feet of the Legions and before the Norseman’s ire
Rudely but greatly begat they the framing of State and Shire
Rudely but deeply they laboured, and their labour stand till now.
If we trace on ancient headlands the twist of their eight-ox plough.”

-Rudyard Kipling
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Author Topic: Aircraft of the Gunnery Schools Eastchurch 1919-1939  (Read 2941 times)

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Aircraft of the Gunnery Schools Eastchurch 1919-1939
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Aircraft of the gunnery schools Eastchurch 1919-1939.
A plane spotters guide  :)  Useful for model makers and for identifying aircraft from photos.

School of Aerial Gunnery and Bombing
Airco DH9A
  Serial Nos. H17, H112.
Bristol F2B Fighter
  E2486, H157.
Sopwith Snipe
Avro 504K

Armament School
Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b
  B1868, D3797. D9153, D9769.

Name changed to
Armament and Gunnery School 1st April 1922.
Airco DH9A
  E796,E8513, E8692, E9950, F2796, H16, H3478, H3631, J555, J560, J7009,J7011, J7314, J7315, J7316, J7328,
  J7329, J7331, J7350, J7351, J7803, J7804, J7805, J7806, J7813, J7857, J7858, J7862, J8111, J8157, J8208, J8217.
Bristol F2B Fighter
  D7848, D7853, D7864, D7873, D8055, E2643, F4340, F4346, F4356, F4387, F4388, F4493, F4517, F4560 F4561, F4691, F4696, F4742, F4957, H1442,
  H1557, H1574, H1588, H1597, J6662, J6672, J6676, J6742, J6749, J7621, J7625, J7626, J7627, J7628, J7694, J8272, J8279, J8287, J8289.
Vickers Vimy
  F9155, F9163.
Sopwith Snipe
  E6310, E6497, E6612, E6621, E7470, E7531, E7992.
Gloster Grebe II
  J7365, J7367, J7369, J7390, J7397, J7402, J7530, J7536, J7579, J7581, J7595, J7603.
Avro 504K
 J8726, J9417.
Gloster Woodcock
  J7726, J7973, J8301.
Gloster Gamecock
  J8033, J8034, J8072, J8088.
Armstrong Whitworth Siskin III
Siskin IIIA
  J8381, J8871, J9320, J9370.
Siskin IIIDC (two seat)
Fairey Flycatcher
Armstrong Whitworth Atlas
  J8788, J8789.
Bristol Bulldog
  K1637, K1638, K1669, K1670, K2167, K2168, K2169.
Westland Wapiti IIA
  K1316, K1317, K1318, K1319, K1320, K1321, K1322, K1323, K1324, K2252, K2253, K2254, K2255, K2256, K2257,
  K2258, K2259, K2260, K2261, K2262, K2263, K2264, K2265, K2266, K2267, K2268, K2269, K2270, K2271.
Fairey IIIF
  K1159, K1163.

Name changed to
The Air Armament School January 1932
Armstrong Whitworth Siskin III
Westland Wapiti IIA
  J9857, K1318, K1412, K1413, K2252, K2253, K2254, K2255, K2256, K2257, K2258, K2259, K2260, K2261,
  K2262, K2263, K2264, K2265, K2266, K2267, K2268, K2269, K2270, K2271, K2286.
Fairey IIIF
  K1764, K1768, K1769, K1770, K1771, K1772, K1773, K1774.
Fairey Gordon
  J9146, J9167, J9171, J9172, J9681, J9821, K1120, K1160, K1168,K1697, K1740, K1746, K1748, K1764, K1769, K2684, K2691, K2709, K2716, K2717, K2727, K2728.
Bristol Bulldog II
Bristol Bulldog IIA
  K1610, K1637, K1638, K1639, K1648, K1669, K1670, K2167, K2168.
de Havilland DH60M Moth
  K1215, K1219, K1843, K1845, K1846, K1891.
Westland Wallace I
  K3566, K3568, K3675, K4338, K4340, K4346, K6067, K6068.
Boulton Paul Overstrand
de Havilland Tiger Moth
Avro Tutor I
  K3276, K4834.
Hawker Hart
  K2449, K2469,K2470,K2471, K2472, K2449, K2995, K3808, K3809, K3810, K3811, K3812, K3813, K3814,
  K3815, K3834, K3835, K3836, K3837, K3841, K3876, K3884, K3896.
Hawker Hart Trainer
  K5821, K6488, K6515.
Hawker Hind
  K6648, K6649, K6650, K6651, K6652, K6653.
Hawker Fury I
Hawker Fury II
  K8243, K8244, K8245, K8246.

Name change to
No. 1 Air Armament School 1 November 1937.
Fairey IIIF
Fairey Gordon
  K1166, K1168, K1773, K1774, K2612, K2684, K2768, SR1205.
Westland Wallace I
  K3566, K3570, K3697, K3675, K3911, K4338, K4342.
Westland Wallace II
Hawker Demon
  K4496, K5726, K5727, K5736, K5741, K5900, K5902, K5904, K5907, K8181, K8182, K8184, K8188, K8194, K8202, K8216.
Hawker Hart I
  K2461, K2465, K2469, K2470, K2471, K2472, K2995, K3010, K3809, K3810, K3811, K3813, K3814, K3815, K3831, K3834, K3835, K3836, K3841, K3876, K3884, K3896.
Hawker Hart trainer
Hawker Hind
  K6648, K6649, K6650, K6651, K6652, K6653, L7212, L7216.
Hawker Hind trainer
Hawker Fury I
  K1928, K1940, K2899.
Hawker Fury II
  K8243, K8244, K8245, K8246, K8255, K8306.
Gloster Gauntlet II
  K5279, K5281, K5291, K5329, K5334, K5336, K5342, K7799, K7879, K7883, K7886, K7889.
The school moved to Manby 15 August 1938.

No. 2 Air Armament School. Formed Eastchurch 1 July 1938.
Hawker Hart I
  K2452, K2452, K3878.
Hawker Osprey III
Westland Wallace I
  K3564, K3906, K3907, K3908, K3909, K4015, K4017, K4018, K4020, K4339, K4341, K4346, K5077, K5078, K5082.
Westland Wallace II
  K4348, K6020, K6026, K6027, K6028, K6030, K6031, K6040, K6044, K6045, K6047, K6052, K8700.
The school moved to Pembury 1939.


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