News: “Over the graves of the Druids and under the wreck of Rome,
Rudely but surely they bedded the plinth of the days to come.
Behind the feet of the Legions and before the Norseman’s ire
Rudely but greatly begat they the framing of State and Shire
Rudely but deeply they laboured, and their labour stand till now.
If we trace on ancient headlands the twist of their eight-ox plough.”

-Rudyard Kipling
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Author Topic: Queenborough People of 1790  (Read 3354 times)

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Queenborough People of 1790
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                                                QUEENBOROUGH   1790.

The following are the principal inhabitants

CORPORATION        STAMP, William, Esq. Mayor
BAKER, George Evans, Esq. (Freeman) Senior
MARSHALL, Evans, Esq.
BARROW, John, Esq. (Freeman)
BAKER, Iles, Land Bailiff
GIBBS, Thomas, Water Bailiff
SHOVE, Alured Henry, Esq. Recorder
HINDLE, John, Esq. Town Clerk
WELLS, William (sen) Town Serjeant and Gaol Keeper
MARKS, Isaiah, Under Serjeant, Principal Non resident Freeman
PARKER, William, Esq. Rear Admiral of the Blue
PARKER, Robert, Captain, Navy
CHAMBERS, King, Lieutenant, Navy
HATHERHILL, Richard, Lieutenant, Navy
HOSMER, Thomas, Major, Artillery
SMITH, William, Esq. Storekeeper of the Ordnance at Chatham
AKID, William, Esq., Storekeeper of the Ordnance at Sheerness
BREEZE, William, Clerk of the Ordnance at Sheerness
JENKINS, James, Purser in the Navy
SAFFERY, Stephen William, Surgeon of the Sick and Hurt at Sheerness
PENNAL, John, Master of the Discovery Transport
WOOD, John, Master of the Navy Transport
GRAY, Robert, Master of the Townsend Ordnance Sloop
BAKER, John, Gent, (Freeman)
BLAXLAND, James, (sen) (Freeman)
BROWN, Mar, Mrs. (Freeman)
COOK, Sarah, Mrs, (Freeman)
HATHERHILL, Joseph, Rev. Minister
SHOVE, Edward, Surgeon, (Freeman)
ASHBEE, John, Mariner
AUSTIN, Walter, (Ship Inn)
BAKER, Samuel, Hair Dresser
BASSETT, Henry, Dredger
BATCHELOR, James, Mariner
BEAN, John, Dredger
BISHOP, Thomas, Schoolmaster, (Freeman)
BLAXLAND, James, Dredger
BREEZE, Luke, Shopkeeper
BROADBANK, Richard, Mariner
BROADBANK, William, Mariner
BURGESS, Robert, Auctioneer & Grocer, (Freeman)
BURGESS, William, Miller & Baker, (Freeman)
CARTER, John, Boat Builder
CHALK, James, Grazier & Salesman
CHALK, Richard, Grazier & Salesman, (Freeman)
CHAMBERS, Thomas, Mariner
CLARK, John, (jun) Dredger
CLARK, John, (sen) Dredger
CLARK, Richard, Boat Builder, (Freeman)
COLE, Tomas, Dredger
COLE, William, Dredger
COOK, John, Dredger
CRAYDEN, Samuel, Grazier & Butcher
DODD, Mathias, Clerk in the Ordnance
DODD, William, Dredger
DOSSELL, John, Mariner
DOSSELL, Richard, Mariner
EAGLE, William, Dredger (Freeman)
ELLERIDGE, Samuel, Dredger
EMPTAGE, John, Deputy Water Bailiff
GALLOSSON, John, Pilot
GANN, Stephen, Mariner
GASKIN, Robert, Dredger
GIBBS, Henry, Mariner
GIBBS, Henry, Mariner
GUNNER, James, Mariner
HALL, James, Dredger
HALL, Mary, Mrs Post Mistress & Victualler (George)
HAMMOND, Thomas, Dredger
HART, Francis, Dredger
HART, John, Dredger
HEAD, William, Riding Officer, (Freeman)
HEWES, Eleanor, Milliner
HEWES, Richard, Carpenter
HOGGISON, Thomas, Dredger
HOLELEY, Copperas Worker
HOLMES, William, Mariner
HUGHES, Jane, Mantua Maker
HUGHES, Rebecca & Sarah, Shopkeepers
JARRETT, William Baker, Mariner
JEFFERSON, John, Mariner
JEFFERSON, William, Dredger
JONES, John, Mariner
KEMP, James, Dredger
KNEWSTUBB, William Grey, Mariner
LANCASTER, Joseph, Mariner
LESSER, Thomas, Mariner
LITTEL, John, Mariner
MARSHALL, William, Castle Inn
MARTIN, Richard, Dredger
MATTHEWS, Richard, Bricklayer
MILES, Jefferson, Sail Maker
MORLEY, Thomas, Dredger
MORRIS, Richard, Master in the Navy
MORRIS, Thomas, Mariner
NAYLOR, William, Dredger
OST, Abigail, Mrs., Ship Owner
OST, JOHN, Mariner
OST, Samuel, Mariner
PELLATT, Daniel, Draper & Taylor
PENNAL, Henry, Mariner
PENNAL, Isaac, Mariner
PENNAL, Thomas Lewis, Clerk of the Survey of the Ordnance of Sheerness
PENNAL, William, Pilot
POULTER, Robert, Mariner
POULTER, William, (jun), Mariner
POULTER, William, (sen), Mariner
RAKE, William, Dredger
ROBERTS, Henry Soan, Mariner
ROBERTS, Richard, Mariner
ROGERSON, Mosses, Mariner
SASSERY, John, Mariner
SAYWELL, Ann, Mrs., Widow
SAYWELL, Susanna, Mrs., Widow
SAYWELL, Thomas, Dredger
SCIENCE, James, Mariner
SEXTON, Lydia, Mrs., Blacksmith
SHORE, John, Mariner
TAYLOR, Richard Hicks, Mariner
TERRY, George, Dredger
TERRY, Richard, Dredger
TERRY, William, Carpenter
THURLSTON, John, Riding Officer
UNDERDOWN, Isaac, Mariner
UNDERDOWN, John, Mariner
VENTOM, George, Carpenter
WALKER, William, Dredger
WALSALL, Henry, Mariner
WATERER, William, Mariner
WELLS, William, (jun) Dredger
WINCH, James, Dredger
WOODLOW, Richard, Dredger & Coal Meter


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