News: “Over the graves of the Druids and under the wreck of Rome,
Rudely but surely they bedded the plinth of the days to come.
Behind the feet of the Legions and before the Norseman’s ire
Rudely but greatly begat they the framing of State and Shire
Rudely but deeply they laboured, and their labour stand till now.
If we trace on ancient headlands the twist of their eight-ox plough.”

-Rudyard Kipling
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Author Topic: Socialist Hall, Gillingham  (Read 5829 times)

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Peter W

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Re: Socialist Hall, Gillingham
« Reply #5 on: July 28, 2012, 21:52:02 »

My thanks to Merc and numanfan.  It seems pretty certain that my postcard was taken outside 44 Queens Road, Gillingham, Kent.

I wonder whether the Socialist Hall was used by the Rechabites or whether it had by than been demolished and replaced with a new building.  On reflection, the present Brethen's Meeting Room looks more modern than a replacement for war damage but, of course, it is not necessarily the next building on the site after the Socialist Hall.

I am wondering if the Brethren know when their meeting room was erected and what it replaced.  They probably have better things to do with their time than answer silly questions from people like me but I can try.

Also, the local Labour Party might know something but the same comments would apply.

I will give it some further thought but if anyone else has any ideas ...........


Offline numanfan

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Re: Socialist Hall, Gillingham
« Reply #4 on: July 27, 2012, 21:25:34 »
Hi Peter W,

you're correct with your positioning. The house in your photo is no. 42, the 1937 Kelly's Directory says that at no. 44 was the Socialist Hall.

I don't know if the hall was damaged during the war, but by 1955 ( my next directory ) no. 44 was the Rechabite Hall - Pentecostal Mission

It remained as the Rechabite Hall until at least 1974 ( my last directory ). - take the journey


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Re: Socialist Hall, Gillingham
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2012, 20:42:41 »
Hi Peter W,

This is from a 1909 map showing the location of a hall. I've read the section in 'The Gillingham Chronicles', but have no other information.

Peter W

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Re: Socialist Hall, Gillingham
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2012, 20:17:54 »
Hi again,

No new info yet but I now have an up to date photo of where I think this hall may have been.  This is attached.  the butress on the end wall of the first house suggests to me that either a building adjoining it may have been demolished or there may have been bomb damage during the War.


Peter W

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Socialist Hall, Gillingham
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2012, 14:06:15 »

Does anyone know anything about this Hall in addition to the brief mention in Ronald Baldwin's "Gillingham Chronicles"?

It was in Queens Road but is not there now!  It may have been on the site now occupied by the Brethen's Meeting Room.  I did visit the area a month or so ago.

My grandparents were members of the Labour Party in the first half of the last century.  They lived about half a mile from the Hall and may well have been there.  Indeed, I have a postcard taken outside the Hall of the Women's Section of the Party and I do wonder if my grandmother is on it.  There are several ladies who could be her!

Another similar postcard has been on eBay recently.  The seller thought it was Gillingham, Dorset but I know that town and cannot imagine that it ever had a thriving branch of the Labour Party!

A copy of my postcard is attached.

I shall appreciate any thoughts which any of you may have on this, please.



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