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Author Topic: Mary Honywood (Waters) 1527-1620. Supermum.  (Read 3496 times)

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Mary Honywood (Waters) 1527-1620. Supermum.
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Epitaph to Mary Waters in Markeshall church in Essex.
From Dr Fullers 'Worthies of England' 1662.

   "Here lieth the body of Mary Waters, the daughter and co heir of Robert Waters of Lenham in Kent, esquire, wife of Robert Honywood of Charing in Kent.
   Lawfully descended from her, three hundred sixty seven children, sixteen of her own body, one hundred and fourteen grandchildren, two hundred twenty-eight
   in the third generation, and nine in the fourth. She lived a most pious life, and in a christian manner. Died here at Markeshall in the ninety-third year of her age,
   and in the forty-fourth year of her widowhood, the eleventh of May 1620."

"In the days of queen Mary she used to visit the prisons, and to comfort and relieve the confessors therein. She was present at the burning of Mr. Bradford in Smithfield; and resolved to see the end of his suffering, though so great the press of people, that her shoes were trodden off, and she forced thereby to go barefoot from Smithfield to Saint Martins before she could furnish herself with a new pair for her money."

She seems to have been buried next to her husband at Lenham in Kent, rather than at Markeshall as in her epitaph.
See 'The posterity of Mary Honywood' @ for details of her offspring.
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