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Author Topic: Skeletons found in Rochester, 1869.  (Read 2723 times)

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Skeletons found in Rochester, 1869.
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From Sheerness Times and General Advertiser, 4th December1869.
Discovery of skeletons.
"While the workmen employed in making some excavations for a new house to be erected and adjoining Mr. Winchs distillery, St. Margaret's Bank, on Thursday last, they came upon a couple of skeletons, both in a very good state of preservation, lying about six feet below the surface.
From the position and appearance of the skeletons it was the opinion of the medical men by whom they were examined that they had been interred some centuries, one of the skeletons, which was evidently of a man, had had the whole of the upper jaw and lower part of his face smashed in, which would lead to the belief that the skeletons were those of men who had died after some sanguinary encounter, while the circumstance that the spot where they were found was no great distance from the ancient Eastgate of the City would lend some belief to this supposition.
A number of bronze and copper Roman and other coins were likewise picked up during the time the excavations were being made."


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