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Algie, Pink Floyds original inflatable pig.

Animals, released in early 1977 and the tenth studio album by Pink Floyd, is a concept album loosely based on George Orwell's book Animal Farm. A view of Battersea power station was chosen for the LP cover with Algie, a 12-metre (40ft) long porcine balloon, to be shown floating between two of the chimneys. The photo-shoot, with a marksman to shoot Algie should he try to escape, was due to take place on the 2nd December 1976 but was delayed due to high winds.

On the next days photo-shoot Algie did escape, his tether snapping during a wind gust, and the bands manager having forgotten to rehire the marksman. Heathrow was understandable worried that the balloon would fly into its flight path and a police helicopter was despatched to follow it. After tracking the pig for a while the helicopter had to return and a general warning was issued to all pilots, and no, Heathrow did not have to ground its planes. At one point Algie was reported to be over Chatham at 18,000ft and the Air Experience Flight at Manston was ordered to scamble its Chipmunks in an effort to track him down. Radio appeals were put out and at around 9.30 pm, an irate farmer called to ask "Are you the guys looking for a pig?" and angrily informed them that it was scaring all his cows! Algie, having enjoyed his freedom, had come to ground at East Stour Farm, Chilham, Kent.
As Aubrey Powell, the cover designer said, the pig "was front-page news: Pink Floyd couldn't have got better publicity if they tried."
Algie was duly retrieved by the bands roadcrew and the photo shoot took place the next day.

Pigs on the Wing: Pink Floyd.


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