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Author Topic: Broadstairs - Yarrow Convalesent Home  (Read 2312 times)

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Broadstairs - Yarrow Convalesent Home
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2013, 11:58:08 »
I have memories of this home back in about 1952 and I wondered if anybody has any photographs that could be posted of that era.  I know that the building is now part of a college. I was there in the September when the weather was good and had many walks down to the beach. The whole experience left lasting impressions and fears for many years afterwards.
We travelled by steam train from Dartford (I was in Robin Ward, West Hill with appendicitis) so I have always been interested in trains. During one of our walks back from the beach we were caught in a thunder storm so I have had a fear of these.  I was being taken somewhere in the home by a nurse and used the lift and the lift got stuck between floors. Firemen were called to get us out.  Lifts were a no go area for a long time after that experience.  Finally I was bitten by an Alsatian dog while on one of our excursions to the town so I never liked dogs for years after that.
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