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Author Topic: Sid Vicious  (Read 3112 times)

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Sid Vicious
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2013, 23:56:27 »
Born Simon John Ritchie, London, 10 May 1957.
His father left some two years after his birth. In February 1965 his mother Anne married Chris Beverley and the family move to Kent, where Chris dies of cancer six months later.
Anne and Sid move to a rented flat at 43 Lime Hill Road, Tunbridge Wells, where Sid attends Sandown Secondary School.

"He was bright - certainly deserving of his place in the A-stream-and quite good at football. I remember him as tall and thin and almost Chinese-looking. He had jet black hair, a round face and slitted eyes, which were deep brown with a darkness around them. His mother must have been quite arty and bohemian for the time, because Simon always ponged of garlic, which was highly unusual back then."
Classmate Jeremy Colebrooke.

When he was around 12-13, Sid rebelled, possibly because of his increasingly dysfunctional homelife, his mother taking heroin since the early 1960's. He became disruptive at school, losing all interest in school-work. He developed an unpredictable temper and would often get into fights.
Anne and Sid moved to Hackney in 1971.
By the winter of 1975/76, Sid had moved into a squat at New Court, Hampstead, where he met John Lydon (Johnny Rotten).

Source. Mojo 135 February 2005.


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