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Author Topic: Car Plunges into Lock at Chatham - 1958  (Read 2926 times)

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Re: Car Plunges into Lock at Chatham - 1958
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Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life tryi


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Re: Car Plunges into Lock at Chatham - 1958
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My father was one of the divers in this incident, he was awarded a Herbert Lott award for his efforts. I would love to find any record on Herbert Lott awards if anyone can advise.
Thanks to Merc for this


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Car Plunges into Lock at Chatham - 1958
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Monday, Dec 01, 1958

Mr. Reginald George Leaf, aged 49, a Coventry director of the Rootes Group, of Styvechall Croft, Coventry, was drowned, and Commander D. R. Williams R.N., and Lieutenant-Commander P. K. W. Heywood, a Royal Naval Reserve Officer, were rescued when their car crashed through safety chains at the edge of a lock in Chathan Dockyard about midnight last night and plunged into 30ft. of water.
Commander Williams is the commanding officer of H.M.S. Broadsword, a destroyer at present in Chatham. Lieutenant-Commander Heywood had served on a 14 day R.N.R. course in the Broadsword about a month ago, and he and Mr. Leaf went on board yesterday as guests of Commander Williams. They went out during the evening and were returning to the ship when the accident occurred. The officers forced their way out of the sunken car and struggled to the surface.
Royal Naval ratings on duty on ships nearby rushed to the lockside and threw in lifebelts with which the two officers were dragged to safety. Frogmen from the Royal Naval Diving School at Chatham were hurried to the scene and dived in an effort to rescue Mr. Leaf but were unsuccessful. His body was brought out from the car about half an hour after the accident. Today divers fixed chains to the car and it was hauled from the lock by a dockyard crane. The two officers were detained in hospital.

From The Times.


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