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Author Topic: Common Pillbox Guide  (Read 8831 times)

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Re: Common Pillbox Guide
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2008, 14:45:59 »
This Wiki page also has the types listed along with pictures.


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Common Pillbox Guide
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2008, 19:19:12 »
Common Pillbox Types:

Type 22 - Regular Hexagon with walls approximately 6 ft long,desined for infantry with rifles and light machine guns.

Type 23 - Rectangular with a roofed section approximately 8 ft and an open section the same size for a light AA weapon.

Type 24 - Hexagonal but with a rear wall approximately 14 ft long and adjoining walls which meet it at an angle of about 90 degrees.
Designed for infantry with light machine guns.

Type 25 - Circular,otherwise as for Type 22.

Type 26 - Square,approximately 8 ft by 8 ft,otherwise as Type 22.

Type 27 - Large Hexagon or Octagon with an open area in the centre for a light AA weapon.

Type 28 - Large and rectangular with thick walls.
Designed for 2 pdr or 6 pdr Anti-Tank gun.

Type 28a - As Type 28 but with a seperate chamber for infantry.

Type 28a Twin - As Type 28a but with two Anti-Tank embrasures in two adjoining walls.

There are also variations of these Pillbox types and other specialist types which are not listed here.


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