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Author Topic: Charles Dickens and the Dancing Bears Incident  (Read 2180 times)

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Charles Dickens and the Dancing Bears Incident
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The Star (Saint Peter Port) - Saturday, August 21, 1869

A few days since a party of excursionists from Chatham had been spending the day in the vicinity of Mr. Dickens's residence, Gad's Hill, near Rochester, when on their return in the evening they fell in with a couple of dancing bears which were going through their performances in the road in front of Mr. Dickens's house. The enjoyment of the day having had their customary effects on the excursionists, one of the men, more elated than his companions, insisted on joining the bears in their performances, and dancing with them, the keepers in vain attempting to prevent him to desist, a keeper removed the muzzle of one of the bears, but this failed to stop the dance. By this time a great crowd had assembled, when Mr. Dickens, seeing the serious turn matters were assuming, appeared on the scene, and himself assisted in remuzzling the bear, at the same time good-humouring the crowd and restoring peace between the enraged keepers of the bears and the author of the serious frolic.


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