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Author Topic: Naval Coast Bombing Decoy 652. Sandwich Flats  (Read 1766 times)

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Naval Coast Bombing Decoy 652. Sandwich Flats
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2014, 22:12:24 »
A Second World War bombing decoy site at Sandwich Flats. It was built as part of the Naval Coast decoys for Dover Command to deflect enemy bombing from a system of coastal loading points known as 'hards'. The decoys were commissioned as part of Operation Fortitude South in preparation for the invasion of Normandy. This was a 'QL' decoy, which was designed to simulate the sparse lighting and small cluster of buildings found at the landing craft 'hards'. The Naval Coast 'QL' decoys were constructed between April and May 1943 with the basic features of a 'QL', essentially the shelter and the fittings for the lights. The electrical equipment was to be fitted at a date nearer to the invasion, which led the Naval Coast decoys to become known as Mobile 'QLs' (or 'MQLs'). Aerial photography from 1979 shows that the site had been developed into a golf course and no features of the decoy survive. Further bombing decoys sites for Dover Command were located at Camber Castle (East Sussex, Decoy 651) and Worth (Decoy 650).

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