News: In June 1557 Edmund Allin, his wife and five others were burnt at the stake, where Drakes pub now stands in Fairmeadow, Maidstone, for refusing to accept Catholicism.
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Author Topic: Luton, Chatham  (Read 2744 times)

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Luton, Chatham
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I wasn't too sure where to post this when I re-discovered it in some old photos recently, I nearly threw it out as it's hardly photographic genius!
However, I must have been about 10 years old when I took this 'view from my bedroom window' with a camera I had just been given. Looking at it,
there is so much of old Luton now gone. The first noticeable thing must be Christchurch, with its distinctive spire, the white building in front of that was Luton Working Mans Club,still going at the time of this photo, the building is still there but it closed its doors as a licenced premises many years ago. The two buildings to the right of the club were demolished to make way for a builders merchant (Keeble's) and later a car dealership. One of these two houses was once the home of a local doctor who,I was told, would make his rounds on a white horse. Moving centre right of picture is a large building,between the two trees, this was the Parochial Hall, the original Luton Church from the mid 1800s at one time it had a small bell tower on top of the point of the roof.That Hall was used for much of every day life in Luton, canteen for the nearby Pheasant Road School, meetings,social functions, weddings even a Disco later on known as The Vault. To the right of the hall but not visible was the first Luton School, which I attended in the final year before its closure.The chalk quarry up on 'The Beacon' was yet to be built in, housing nothing but the remains of Upper Pheasant Farm. Sugar Loaf Hill is visible and to the right of that the travellers camp on Ash Tree Lane can just be seen.Old Lutonians will also find the rear of Pilchers yard mid upper centre of photo. And I nearly threw it out !


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