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Author Topic: Enquiring About 1970's Musicians  (Read 2553 times)

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Mike Carrick

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Enquiring About 1970's Musicians
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2014, 20:07:40 »
Hi Folks,
I found this excellent forum while searching for info on Dave Tewes, musician and recording studio owner, and was very sad to find here about his death. I have an interest in a record which he recorded, details to follow, and any info about the musicians on the record would be appreciated. As people here remember Dave and know the music scene from the 1970's, I hope I may be lucky; I hope you don't mind me asking.

I acquired an LP DTS021 on Dave's label, called 'At Home' by a singer Mary Lamb. It's very much country and western. DTS data suggests it is from 1977 or 78.
Here's my view on this record. Mary really didn't have much of a voice, not great tone, missed quite a few notes, and I was about to dispose of the record; then I found a definite emotional response to some of the songs. It seems that she enjoyed singing, and put some of herself into the songs; anyway something shows through that makes me enjoy the record in spite of obvious shortcomings!

So I'm interested to know more about Mary; I can't find anything on the web.
Small labels like DTS generally made short runs of private pressings for club artists, the records then being sold at gigs. This suggests then that Mary may have appeared at C&W music clubs, but the lack of data suggests she may not have been very popular?
Or she may well have been an amateur, making the record for friends and family?

There is no info on the sleeve other than band members; these were:
Scott Clarkson
Terry Dewis
Les Beckwith
Ray Shepheard
Geoff Eatwell
Engineer: Dave Tewes, recorded at DTS Studios, Rochester.
I have found some curent Kent connections to some of these names but all I found are ex directory so I can't find a number or email for any.

So if anyone has any info on Mary Lamb or any band members I'd very much appreciate it.
Of course I appreciate people's  desire to maintain privacy and not give out email addresses; so it's fine for anyone to pass on my email to anyone 'in the know' and ask them to email me,

By the way, I'm in Essex; but as I'm a sailing man with a small cruiser/racer, I regularly visit Queenborough, Upnor (Medway Yacht Club) and Harty Ferry; I was in Stangate Creek a couple of weeks ago, watching the avocets ....

Ta and regards
Mike Carrick


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