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Author Topic: Bomb Alley Kid  (Read 3214 times)

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Bomb Alley Kid
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2014, 00:28:42 »
Members should find this book of interest.  It's the story of a young lad growing up in Kent during the Second World War.

Excellent value at under £2.

Product Description
A charming and very personal view of the Second World war as seen through the eyes of a child growing up in a peaceful part of rural England, but, who like so many, got caught up in war and the disruption it causes to all. As a young boy of 7 years old I live with my Mum and Dad in an end terrace house my, name is Leonard Douglas Pankhurst, also my Dad is exactly the same name, I am named after him, my Mother’s name is Edith May Pankhurst. My Dad was born in Dartford Kent, west of the river Medway, so he is known as a “Kentish Man”, but because I was born in Sturry I am East of the Medway; so I am known as a “Man of Kent”. My Mother was born in London ‘within the sounds of the Bow Bells’; so she is a “London Cockney”.

We live in Kent which is called the ‘Garden of England’, owing to there being many orchards of fruit trees such as Apple, Pear, Cherry and Plum, so we do eat plenty of fruit, which we steal from the orchards, this is known as scrumping, but should we ever be unlucky enough to get court by the man who owns the orchard, he would hit us with a stick or hand us over to the local Policeman, who in-turn would pretend that we were going to prison, but take us home to our mums and dads where we would probably get another good telling-off, but so far we have never been caught. We are also very lucky that we have plenty of places to play in the fields around us, and we can climb and hide in the orchard trees,



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