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Author Topic: Nor Marsh House, Medway estuary  (Read 3007 times)

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Re: Nor Marsh House, Medway estuary
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2017, 22:31:16 »
I may be jumping to the wrong conclusion but am assuming that Nor Marsh House was on the Marsh although not having seen the photo that you mention, I would have thought that 'House'  might have been a rather grand title for a dwelling built for the shepherds of those days. According to 1805/1819 OS Map (published by Cassini), there doesn't appear to be any building on Nor Marsh but at some point some sort of Dwelling must have been built for a shepherd to live there, because in 1841 census William Fry, a shepherd and his wife Mary were living there. 1851 he is still there with a housekeeper & his son James. 1861 and 1871 James is living there with his wife and his son James. In 1881 Thomas Collett with his wife and 4 children and his mother-in-law were living there. 1891 Henry Clout seems to be the last shepherd living there with his wife and seven children. No one is listed there in 1901 & I couldn't find the census returns for 1911. I believe the grazing rights of the Marsh belonged to the Manor of East Court which, during that century, was owned by John Stunt of Twydall and his son John. When my great grandfather John Mudge bought East Court in 1917 he was certainly grazing his sheep there (if not before as I believe he was renting the farm land for many years) and my mother remembered going over there with him to take the sheep, in the summer months as a child in the early 1920s. I don't think it was used for grazing during WW2 and after the war the farm had ceased to function

The map does show a road/track going down Copperhouse Lane and over that Marsh to Nor - perhaps a sort of causeway? It is possible that by 1901/1911 the marsh was perhaps 'uninhabitable' in the winter months and probably only grazed in the summer months. It is interesting to compare the Cassini, the 1952 Os Map and the modern Google Earth to see how the marshes have eroded over those 200 or so years. If the photo is of a 'grand' house I would presume it would have been on the mainland. Unfortunately all the questions are being asked 'too late'

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Nor Marsh House, Medway estuary
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2014, 09:55:31 »
Hello KHF brethren,

I've seen a photo of Nor Marsh House as part of a exhibition at the Riverside Country Park and wondered if anyone had any knowledge of such a place - i.e. who lived there, when it was removed etc

Any help, please?


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