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Author Topic: Dockyard Residences 1959-1960  (Read 2372 times)

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Dockyard Residences 1959-1960
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Residences Within H.M. Dockyard, Sheerness

It is proposed to complete the same of H.M. Dockyard Sheerness to Messrs. Building Developments Ltd. on 31st March, 1960.  Included within the boundary of the Dockyard are the houses shown in Schedule A herein.  It is understood that these houses are all occupied by Naval Officers or Admiralty Civilian employees and that they will in the main be posted away from Sheerness before the sale is complete.  If however any of these houses are likely to remain occupied for any reason by Admiralty tenants after 31st March, 1960, this Department would like to have an early indication of which houses are likely to be affected so that appropriate legal arrangements can be made in the Conveyance of the Dockyard to the purchasers.

The enclosed communication dated 8th July, 1959, supersedes the above minute.  Of the houses listed in the enclosure to C.S.L.’s later information, those marked “X” are occupied by Naval personnel and N.P. Branch will presumably see that these residences are vacated by the required date.

The purpose behind the question at issue on this paper is to ensure that the houses lying within the boundary of the Dockyard at Sheerness will be vacated as will be provided for in the terms of the Contract of Sale, by 31st March, 1960.

2.   There are 22 houses involved, ten of which are occupied by Naval personnel and are the responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief, The Nore, to see that they are vacated by the due date: no special instructions concerning the Naval married quarters therefore seen to be required.

3.   As regards the nine civilian occupied houses, the Captain-in-Charge, who has extended authority to allocate residences, to either Naval or civilian tenants, during the run-down period, without specific prior Admiralty approval will be responsible for seeing that they will be vacated by the required date.

4.   On transfer, occupants of residences are required to vacate them within seven days from the date of ceasing duty in an appointment,  Individuals involved here will no doubt either be moved away or warned of their impending transfer well in advance of the date of closure of the Yard so that there should be no question anyway of houses being occupied beyond the 31st March, 1960.

5.   Subject to confirmation of or comments on “X” above by D.G.D. & M., D.G.S., C.E. in C., D.N.A., D. of S., C.C.A.C., C.E.I, C.E. II and C.E. IV, Captain-in-Charge, Sheerness, will be instructed to ensure that the residences in question are vacated as required.

It is confirmed that the quarters occupied by the Sergeant of the Admiralty Constabulary will be vacated before the 31st. March, 1960.

It will be appreciated that in response to the earlier requests of C.S.L. on this paper it was widely circulated to Departments and Branches whose remarks indicated that there would be no case of any Admiralty civilian remaining in occupation of one of the Sheerness Dockyard houses (within the establishment boundary) after completion sate – 31st arch, 1960, Naval tenants being the responsibility of commander-in-Chief, The Nore, so far as ensuring vacation by the required date.

2.   C.E.III has no means of knowing which civilians will need to remain after 31st March, 1960, and would have thought any such arrangement unnecessary except, perhaps, for the turncock and an Electrician or engineer grade at most.  But C.S.L.’s own representative on the spot will presumably be in the best position to provide this information insofar as both civilian and Naal personnel are concerned.    Senior Surveyor of Lands, Chatham, paragraph 2of 28th October, 1959, suggests that rental arrangements will be by contra account.

Vacation of Houses in Sheerness Dockyard

With reference to Admiralty Letter of 7th October, 1959, I have had a word with Captain Chavasse who is aware of the obvious practical difficulty in vacation all quarters within the Yard by completion date.  Certain occupants (e.g. Secretary, Turncock and other key-workers), will require to be on duty until the final fate of Admiralty ownership and cannot reasonably be expected to vacate their Quarters until early April.  He has discussed the point with DGD & M personally who also agrees with this view.

I understand there is no likelihood of a purchasers being difficult over this matter, as they themselves wish to take occupation of some of the vacant quarters before completion date.  Perhaps you will wish to clarify the point if you are having discussions with them on “take over” arrangements.

Nos. of houses.

1 Dockyard House
1-5   Dockyard Terrace
1-8 Naval Terrace
1 Well Cottage (Engine Driver)
1 Station Sergeant’s House
1 Turncock’s House
1 Chief Inspector of Admiralty Constabulary’s house
1-2 Main Gate
1 Dockyard Cottage
1 Navy Well House (Master Rigger)
Total 22

Sheerness H.M. Dockyard
Occupants of Residences

1.   Dockyard House – Capt. Chavasse – Service Occupation
2.   No. 1 Dockyard Terrace – Cdr. Rowell – Service Occupation
3.   No. 2 Dockyard Terrace – Surg. Lt. Mallows – Service Occupation
4.   No. 3 Dockyard Terrace – Capt. Blandford – Service Occupation
5.   No. 4 Dockyard terrace – Mr. B. Baillie-Supt. E.E.M. – Service Occupation
6.   No. 5 Dockyar dterrace – Mr. R.P.F. Minhinick-Captain in Charge – Service Occupation
7.   No. 1 Naval Terrace – Mr. E.T.F. Onley – Service Occupation
8.   No. 2 Naval Terrace – Sub. Lt. M.W. Collinson – Service Occupation
9.   No. 3 Naval Terrace – Cdr. C.F. Parker – Service Occupation
10.   No. 4 Naval Terrace – Mr. L.J.W. Spice – Service Occupation
11.   No. 5 Naval Terrace – Sub. Lt. C.T. Piddington – Service Occupation
12.   No. 6 Naval Terrace – Mr. G.W. Fisher – Service Occupation
13.   No. 7 Naval Terrace – Mr. W.E. Buckingham – Service Occupation
14.   No. 8 Naval Terrace – P.M. godwell – Service Occupation
15.   Well Cottage – Vacant – N/A
16.   Station Sgt’s Residence – W. H. Benefield – Service Occupation
17.   Turncock’s Residence – Vacant – N/A
18.   C.I.P.’s Residence – Mr. A. Waldran – Service Occupation
19.   No. 1 Main gate – Mr. C. Robinson – Service Occupation
20.   No. 2 Main Gate – Mr. C. Robinson -  Service Occupation
21.   Dockyard Cottage – Lt. Cdr. N.R. Turner – Service Occupation
22.   Navy Well House – Surg Lt. T.P. Oliver – Service Occupation


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