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Author Topic: V1 Propaganda Leaflet Delivery  (Read 2039 times)

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Re: V1 Propaganda Leaflet Delivery
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2015, 11:20:41 »
Thanks for posting that link mate. Very interesting lots of stuff there.


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V1 Propaganda Leaflet Delivery
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2015, 22:44:01 »
As well as high explosive, the V1 was used to deliver German propaganda leaflets.
The leaflets were stored in a cardboard tube at the rear end of the missile. A safety fuse burns during the flight, eventually igniting a gunpowder charge which expels the leaflets.
One of the various categories of leaflet was known as "V1 P.O.W. Post" The following letter was delivered via a V1 launched from a Heinkel He lll and was found near Huddersfield.

From Swift, Leslie                                              No 118431
To L. W. M. Swift, 100 Upper Road Maidstone, Kent England.             November 11, 1944.

My dearest darling, Mother and Father. My thoughts are forever of you and this day of memorance I write you these cheering words, knowing you will both have the respects for me and enjoy yourselves who be level headed. I am a soldier and must expect these hardships that are bestowed upon us, but we must not be downhearted, or its not playing the trump card. I am making the best of a good hiding, so to speak, and am now getting along very nicely and hope to get a nice be parcel from you some time or other. On my return to England after the war we will have an excellent drink and laughter and joy. Also let me say the Germans are very much like us regards to ways, and have become friendly with quite a few, they are not what the paper reads, its difficult to tell the difference in ways and manner. Also I say again you must not worry. I am well and have good health and warm clothing, good bed with sheets and your photographs at my side. What more can one wish for! We, work and are paid. We, my dearest ones, Happy Christmas, and Dad don't drink all that glorious beer and Mother don't forget the plum cake. So, dearest ones, cheerio for now, lots of love.
                                                                                       Leslie Walter.

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