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Author Topic: A Hucking Saga  (Read 2192 times)

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Re: A Hucking Saga
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2015, 10:03:55 »
I suppose he was worried about mispronunciation.  :)


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A Hucking Saga
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2015, 11:23:01 »
We received a fire call to a address in the village of Hucking, we arrived and had a good look around, no fire  an obvious false alarm.
The radio message we should have sent back, was a standard, from the address False alarm malicious, but our OIC was an unusual character, he sent back, we have been up the Hucking road and down the Hucking road and there is no sign of a fire at Hucking, the control-room girl should have repeated the message, but she answered with what the message should have been.
When we got back to our station the OIC was told to report to the top banana, who gave him a telling off, and only to use standard messages.


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