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Author Topic: Death from Typhoid at Chatham 1938  (Read 1716 times)

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Re: Death from Typhoid at Chatham 1938
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2015, 08:35:17 »
This reminds me of when my elder sister caught typhoid. Back in around 1954 a couple of years after we'd moved to Cookham Wood she fell ill and the doctor was called and he put it down to flu (or something) but to call him if she got worse.
And get worse she did with Dad bathing her constantly to keep her temp down. Doctor was summoned and I'd never seen him move as fast as he did, down the stairs and out the front door to drive straight to the nearest phone box. Bear in mind this was in the days when not many had a home phone let alone a mobile!
Not long after, an ambulance arrived and she was whisked off to Barts I think (long time ago) and put into isolation. The whole family was also isolated and to get groceries etc., Mum had to put notes outside the front door and the neighbours would get them delivered or drop them off.....without the door being opened of course. :-(((
Try 6 weeks of that when you're a 10 year old.  Pity Mum as well with 3 boys to keep indoors.
My sister was working at a government health lab at the time and it worked out that she was the one given the job of taking samples from an ill man somewhere else in the lab area. I believe that the tube or whatever it was has been split releasing the germ and she caught it.
Her and this man, who I don't think survived, were the only ones in the UK to have typhoid that year.
About 18 months later she fell ill again this time with para-typhoid.....there was no hesitation and straight into isolation she went but I can't remember if the rest of us had to.

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Death from Typhoid at Chatham 1938
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2015, 14:05:25 »
Thursday, 27th January, 1938

Death from Typhoid at Chatham

Three cases of typhoid fever, one fatal, have been reported in Chatham in the past 14 days.  A married man, aged about 30, whose name has not been revealed, died yesterday morning.  His wife is one of the other two patients, both women.  She is said to be improving.

The Medical Officer of Health for Chatham stated yesterday that the three cases were regarded as sporadic; they did not mean that there was an outbreak of typhoid in Chatham.  All three patients went away for Christmas, and it was probable that the infection took place while they were away.


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