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Author Topic: bisley range  (Read 1606 times)

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Re: bisley range
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2016, 13:29:24 »
On the never volunteer for anything maxim, my mate and I were detailed as butts workers for the inter service match and the international match`s in the summer of 1962.
          Turned out well. First week, did the inter service on the Running Deer range. Lot of patches when the weapons were Stens and Stirlings.
         As our faces fitted we both got put on the clay pigeons for the internationals. 3 weeks of only working a 5 hour day with a long lunch break. Taking turns one down in the pit loading the spring trap and one up top pulling the lever. None of your modern electronics.
        Occasionally there would be a bolshie arrogant sod shooting. When that happened, which ever one of us was on top would stamp on pit cover plate and his next clay would be loaded upside down. Invariably resulting in him wondering how he missed.
        We had a great time living under canvas. Retired Sqdn. Ldr. in charge of us, great bloke. If he saw us two any where near the club house (the one near the Clock) he would send a couple of pints out by one of the stewards.
       The pic is of the Running Deer range crew. George front left and self next in our overalls.


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bisley range
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2016, 12:54:46 »
 I was amazed by so many rifle ranges there are in UK, I was a  national serviceman, in 1954/56, the Kings Royal Rifles, I was in the battalion rifle and Bren gun team for two years at Bisley, with all the ranges there are in UK, I doubt there are any as big as Bisley, the century range has 100 targets, there is even a rail system in the butts to convey the targets, and 100 Bren guns being fired is an amazing sight. The range has a clock tower and I asked if anybody had fired any shots at the clock, yes one shot was fired and the culprit was banned for life,  I did have a look at the clock close up and yes there was one single hole, this happened about 1915 ???  I had good times at Bisley, even won a few silver spoons, and I still have them.


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