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Author Topic: Croydon (General Information)  (Read 1338 times)

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Croydon (General Information)
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2016, 13:37:10 »
CROYDON.-Population, 63,000; mortality, 21∙71; this has been materially raised by an epidemic of
typhoid, consequent upon an intermittent water supply, the average for the past ten years having been 18.
Water-carried sewage does not contain any manufacturing refuse, is filtered so as to separate the paper, rags &c., and then employed for irrigation of farm; about 11,000 water-closets in use. Total cost of construction for sewers up to end of 18741, including renewals and reconstructions, from great increase of population, &c, £77.000 ; annual outlay for maintenance was, a few years ago, £600, now £1100, gradually increasing with a yearly increasing- area this includes wages of sewer men engaged in flushing, and cost of water; net cost incurred by the parish in dealing with the sewage in the year ending Lady-day, 1875, £2367, equal to a rate of 1 ½d. in the 6. System in action 16 years; successful in preventing pollution of river.  Twenty-two Moser's closets in use; product is sold with sewage manure from the filter-house at 2s. 6d.
per load. Gross cost of disposing of nightsoil in1875, about £30; cost of scavenging, collection of ashes and house refuse, about £2000 per annum; street-sweeping, £1850 in 1875. It is stated that the great obstacle to sanitary improvement is the great waste of water, and consequent liability to pollution, because local boards have not the power which companies possess
in dealing with the fittings. Previous to the formation of the sewage farm, in 1860, numerous
injunctions were obtained, and great costs incurred; since that time nothing has been expended on law proceedings.


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