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Author Topic: Air Raid on Ashford ALG. 22 May 1944  (Read 1590 times)

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Air Raid on Ashford ALG. 22 May 1944
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2016, 19:24:36 »
At 00.35 hours on Monday 22nd May 1944 the Luftwaffe dropped a 1,000lb (450kg) HE bomb on Ashford Advance Landing Ground, then in use by the USAAF. The bomb fell on a tented accommodation area on the north east of the airfield, housing the reserve flights, motor transport, and plant flights. Total casualties were 30, of which 14 proved fatal.
The 14 fatalities all occurred in the ranks of No. 5003 Airfield Construction Squadron RAF. All the men were in the RAF Volunteer Reserve.

Robert M Barker. Corporal. Age 35.
  Buried South Shields (Harton) Cemetery. Tyne and Wear.

Maurice J Berry. Aircraftman 2nd Class. Age 18.
  Buried Birmingham (Witton) Cemetery.

Douglas Creed. Aircraftman 2nd Class. Age 18.
  Buried Aldershot Civil Cemetery. Hampshire.

Horace S Dawson. Leading Aircraftman.
  Buried St Pancras Cemetery. East Finchley. London.

Charles Dodd. Aircraftman 2nd Class. Age 20.
  Buried Sunderland (Ryhope Road) Cemetery. Sunderland.

James Edwards. Corporal. Age 35.
Son of Jack and Fanny Edwards of Burham. Husband of Annie M Edwards.
  Buried Burham (St Mary) Old Churchyard. Kent.

Arthur R T Fieldhouse. Aircraftman 2nd Class. Age 19.
  Buried City of London Cemetery and Crematorium. Manor Park. London.

Michael J L Gibbins. Aircraftman 2nd Class. Age 18.
  Buried City of London and Tower Hamlets Cemetery.

George H Goodhall. Leading Aircraftman. Age 22.
  Buried Bristol (Canford) Cemetery.

Samuel F Horwood. Aircraftman 1st Class. Age 34.
  Buried Bristol (Greenbank) Cemetery.

John Irvine. Aircraftman 2nd Class. Age 18.
  Buried Shore (St Barnabas) Churchyard. Lancashire.

William J Kerman. Leading Aircraftman.
  Buried Fulham Palace Road Cemetery. London.

Hyman Kersh. Aircraftman 1st Class. Age 36.
  Buried East Ham (Marlow Road) Jewish Cemetery. London.

George J Truphet. Leading Aircraftman. Age 36.
  Buried Turvey Cemetery. Bedfordshire.
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