News: “Over the graves of the Druids and under the wreck of Rome,
Rudely but surely they bedded the plinth of the days to come.
Behind the feet of the Legions and before the Norseman’s ire
Rudely but greatly begat they the framing of State and Shire
Rudely but deeply they laboured, and their labour stand till now.
If we trace on ancient headlands the twist of their eight-ox plough.”

-Rudyard Kipling
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Author Topic: Meteor Crash Smarden  (Read 1765 times)

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Re: Meteor Crash Smarden
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2017, 12:40:43 »
Theres plenty on net, just need to know where to look .

Cribbed this for you ☺

Quote 1
7/11/1953 2 meteors collided Sgt Pilot William Keith of Lumphanan Aberdeenshire killed, F/O Cockell bailed out and taken to Hospital with a broken leg. Times 9/11/1953

Quote 2
"Sgt Keith and PO Cockell, both of 500 Sqn, based at RAF West Malling, and flying Meteor F8s WF640 and WK805 respectively, collided over Headcorn.
Sgt Keith was killed and PO Cockell fractured his ankle."
The crater and parts of PO Cockell's  Meteor were still to be found in Dering Wood, Pluckley.

Have you tried these for more local knowledge. Good Luck. :)


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Meteor Crash Smarden
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2017, 09:43:09 »
Hi all,
Can anyone help?
Local knowledge tells of a Meteor jet that crashed in the woods between Smarden and Pluckley.
But there appears to be a black hole when I look for information!  Nothing found on internet.
So over to you, the fount of all Kent knowledge!


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