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Author Topic: Ralph Paine  (Read 3241 times)

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Re: Ralph Paine
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2016, 10:00:13 »
Not sure if this is the same Ralph Paine

The London Chronicle 1762 Feb 27 - March ??

Mr. Ralph Paine, First clerk to the Clerk of the Rope-Yard at Chatham, is appointed Clerk of the Cheque at Sheerness.

The London Chronicle 1762

Some of the items from Medway Cityark

Minutes and accounts of the trustees of Ralph Paine’s charity. The accounts take the form of annual statements for bread, coal and clothing.

Minutes of the trustees including correspondence with the incumbents of the daughter churches who desired the sharing of the parish charities; St. Mary’s declined on the grounds that besides a small charity of 10s. p.a. the only other charity was Paine’s which had to be distributed in St. Mary’s

Minutes, with printed leaflet inside front cover giving the qualifications necessary for recipients of Paine’s charity

It is covered by busyglen's post November 2012

RALPH PAINE, by will, 1812, bequeathed £7,000 consols, in trust, thereout to pay for the erecting a monument to his memory in Chatham Church, and for the erecting of certain almshouses.  He also bequeathed £8,000 four per cent.  annuities; and directed the dividends to be applied in aid of poor married householders.  A further sum of £7,000 consols was bequeathed by the same donor, to apply the dividends weekly in the purchase of wheaten bread, to be distributed to the most necessitous in the parish.  Soon after the death of the testator, suits were instituted in the Court of Chancery; in the course of these proceedings, the bequests for the erection of the almshouses, and for the payment of pensions to poor married persons, were declared void.  Of the four per cent stock, £1,300 was transferred into the name of the Accountant General, to an account entitled “The Bread Account for 20 old widows.”  The proceedings in Chancery were concluded, and the cost incurred therein paid in 1828.  The stock now standing on the bread account for 20 old widows is £1,277.  Three and a half per cents, producing £44.13s.8d.,  and on the other account, £9,297.0s.3d. Three per cent consols, producing annually £278. 18s.2d. A distribution of bread is made every Sunday in the Church to 20 poor widows.  In respect of the latter sum, a distribution of bread is made every Tuesday and Saturday to 60 poor persons; clothes and coals are also given in addition to the bread.

busyglen's post November 2012

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Re: Ralph Paine
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2016, 20:46:23 »
He's mentioned here As leaving  a sum of money to the vicar for the relief of decayed persons not in receipt of parish relief, the sum is rather startling

See para 4 of gazetteers in this link
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Ralph Paine
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2016, 19:55:42 »
I found this while researching for something else. It's an obituary in the Naval Chronicle for 1812 and I was wondering if anyone knew any more about it.

Ralph Paine, esq. Formerly Store Keeper at His Majesty's Dock Yard at Deptford. He has bequeathed a sum of money to endow a hospital, to be erected on the New Road, Chatham, for the benefit of the widows of shipwrights. The spot of ground for this purpose he purchased some years ago.

Any ideas anyone?
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