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-Rudyard Kipling
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Author Topic: Gotha Raid on London and Margate. 7th July 1917  (Read 1821 times)

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Gotha Raid on London and Margate. 7th July 1917
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The main raid by 22 Gotha bombers was directed against London with one Gotha, due to engine trouble, bombing Margate.

In London much damage was caused with 54 people killed, including 10 by falling anti-aircraft shells.
For more on the London raid see and

Toll of death at Margate.
Margate again suffered in London's second experience of a daylight raid on a large scale , which occurred on 7th July, 1917, and bombs dropped by a Gotha used as a decoy to draw the fire of our coastal batteries from the main formation of enemy machines, fell with deadly effect in Cliftonville. (The attack was at 9.30hr)

As the war proceeded, the weight of the missiles employed by the enemy increased and one bomb which fell on this occasion upon the roof of No. 11, Arundel Road practically demolished the building and killed the occupants Mr. James Alexander Marks, (age 69) his wife (Jane, also 69) and a lady companion, Miss Agnes Mary Cooper. (55) The two ladies were dead when extricated from the debris and Mr. Marks died soon afterwards.

Adjoining houses were also damaged and another bomb which fell in the back garden of No. 7, Price's Avenue, demolished the rear of the residence of the Rev. T. E. Jackson, Wesleyan minister, and damaged neighbouring houses occupied by Dr. Wallis, Col. Rowland Hill, Mr. H. Mercer, Miss Duncan and Mr. Harman Keble. Another bomb damaged a large number of houses at Crawford Gardens, including the home of Mr. E. A. Borg, the borough engineer, and at Northdown Road, where business houses were partially wrecked. In addition to those killed, three people were slightly injured.

From Thanet's Raid History, page 21.

There were 108 defence sorties by the RFC and RNAS.
One Gotha, Captain Lieut Max Elsner, was shot down over the sea on its return flight. The claim was shared by 2nd Lieut F Grace (pilot) and 2nd Lieut G Murray, flying a two seat No. 50 Squadron Armstrong Whitworth FK8 from RFC Throwley (the strongest claim) and three pilots flying from RNAS Manston, Sqn Cdr C H Butler and Flt Sub-Lieut R H Daly, both flying Sopwith Triplanes, and Flt Lieut J E Scott flying a Sopwith Camel.
Another Gotha crashed and burst into flames on landing, killing or fatally injuring its crew.

Two British aircraft were lost.
2nd Lieut W Salmon, flying a No.63 (Training) Squadron Sopwith Pup from RFC Joyce Green, was wounded by return fire and crashed while attempting to reach Joyce Green.
2nd Lieut J E R Young and Air Mechanic C C Taylor, flying a No. 37 Squadron Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter from RFC Rochford, crashed near the Maplin light vessel, their aircraft possibly hit by A-A fire.

2nd Lieut Wilfred G Salmon RFC. Australian. Buried Dartford (Watling Street) Cemetery.
2nd Lieut John E R Young RFC. Age 19. Lost at sea. Memorial at Southend-on-Sea Cemetery.
Air Mechanic Cyril C Taylor RFC. Buried Hampstead Cemetery.


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