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Author Topic: Northfleet windmills  (Read 928 times)

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Northfleet windmills
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2017, 21:19:15 »

I put this up recenty on facebook, but it seems far more appropriate on here, and I expect I'll get far more intelligent contributions!

Windmills of the Northfleet area.

i) Fiveash Mill, Perry Street. This was a wooden smock mill, probably built in the 1790s and first advertised for sale in 1808. It worked until the 1880s, and was finally pulled down in 1905. Two photos of it exist.

ii) Two mills marked on early nineteenth century maps at 'Stone Bridge'. One of them disappeared quickly, but the other is marked as disused on the 1895 OS map near the Britannia Cement Works. It was a corn mill.

iii) A windmill near 'The Hive' in Bow Street and described as 'substantial'. It was taken down in 1840, and the parts advertised for sale in May of that year. This windmill was replaced by the next one:

iv) Boormans Mill, Rural Vale, Northfleet, sometimes known as Rosherville Mill. Built in 1840, this was a large brick built tower mill with patent sails and fantail, fifty feet in height and 28 feet in diameter at its base. It worked until the 1890s and was pulled down for its materials in 1916. The owner took successful legal action against the nearby quarry for undermining the ground on which it stood, and it is probably for this reason it stopped working.


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